Winter Talks

Are you curious about the nature
of Cape Cod and local history?

Please join these educational winter talks
sponsored by Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT).

PETER TRULL: Coyotes in Your Neighborhood
Saturday, January 6th • 1 p.m.

Eastern coyotes, found throughout eastern North America, have a genetic make-up that can be a combination of two species of wolves, western coyotes, and domestic dogs. These wild canids thrive alongside the growing human population on Cape Cod, with its diversity of habitats, open space, and “island ecosystem.” Their presence in our yards and neighborhoods may cause unnecessary alarm owing to misinformation that generates fear and anxiety.

In this talk, naturalist and HCT walk leader Peter Trull will share his knowledge and research to offer an objective view about the eastern coyotes’ place in our world as well as our place in their world.

MARK ROBINSON: History & Future
of Land Conservation on Cape Cod
Saturday, January 13th • 1 p.m.

Discover the history and future of land conservation on Cape Cod with Mark Robinson, long-time director of The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, as he shares an overview of the themes that drive land protection. Early efforts began with philanthropic gifts and civic beauty efforts, and later graduated to the powerful rise of land trusts and municipal programs beginning in earnest during the 1980s.

Learn how the 21st century is projected to bring trends of “undevelopment” and ecological restoration that can return land once cleared for commercial purposes and other uses back to its natural state.

RUSS COHEN: Nibbling on Native Plants
in Your Backyard & Beyond
Saturday, January 27th • 1 p.m.

Interested in growing edible native plants in your backyard? Please join expert forager and author Russ Cohen to learn about at least two dozen species of native edible wild plants suitable for adding to your own landscape, or to forage in other locales.

Discover key identification features of each species, learn which parts of the plants are edible, the seasons of availability, preparation methods, and guidelines for safe and environmentally responsible foraging.

Russ will discuss his experiences growing some of these plants from seed and the partnerships he has made with conservation groups to add edible native plants to their landscapes.

DON WILDING: Cape Cod Storms
Saturday, February 3rd • 1 p.m.

Join local author and HCT walk leader Don Wilding as he recounts the Cape’s most severe weather events and their lasting impacts.

Listen to the tales of hurricanes, nor’easters, and blizzards that have literally shaped Cape Cod over the past century, molding the beaches, displacing homes, and flooding coastal communities with their strong winds and tidal surges.

Storms discussed will include the infamous “Portland Gale” of 1898, the “Long Island Express” Hurricane of 1938, the benchmark “Blizzard of 1978”, Hurricane Bob in 1991, and others.

Saturday, February 10th • 1 p.m.

Would you like to discover the secrets and habits of our gentle giant neighbors, the whales? Join naturalist Gerry Beetham, who also leads walks and photographs for HCT, to become acquainted with these majestic marine mammals.

Learn why they visit Cape Cod’s shores, tips to identify different species, and follow their life cycle from begin-ning to end. Finally, review the many threats they face today and learn how can you help protect them.

• All presentations take place in the Harwich Community Center at #100 Oak Street.
• Admission for each talk is $5 per person payable at the door.

• Each talk lasts between 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

Coyote Talk - courtesy of Peter Trull
Photo courtesy of Peter Trull
Muddy_Creek-Monomoy_River_credit_Stephanie_Foster crop
View from Rt. 28 of land preserved on Muddy Creek in 2003 by Stephanie Foster
Russ + black chokeberries
Cape Cod Storms Talk - Blizzard of 1978 at Coast Guard Beach courtesy of Cape Cod National Seashore
Photo courtesy of the Cape Cod National Seashore
Whales 101 Talk - courtesy of Gerry Beetham
Photo courtesy of Gerry Beetham