Walk Through History with Todd Kelley

On a sunny September morning, 12th generation Cape Codder led a fascinating ‘Walk Through History’ to officially open the new window into the past of Pleasant Bay Woodlands. Following old cartpaths and woodland trails, Todd took folks on a journey back in time detailing some of the Native American and early settler experiences in the area. Enjoy the photos below by HCT volunteer Gerry Beetham. Click each image and then use the arrows at right or left to see the enlarged versions of each photo.

With the help of author Scott Ridley, HCT created a new interpretive history brochure that’s available at the trailhead (75 Kendrick Road, East Harwich). We encourage you to explore how native and rural life evolved into the modern era over the centuries through the lens of Pleasant Bay Woodlands that, in turn, provides the bigger picture history of Cape Cod. 

Click here for the essay by Todd Kelley titled “In the Shadow of the Old Sagamore are Reflections of Liberty.”