Walk Through History at Pleasant Bay Woodlands

A clear, bright, breezy October morning greeted the gathering of hikers joining the historical interpretive walk at HCT’s Pleasant Bay Woodlands led by 12th generation Cape Codder Todd Kelley.

An archaeological/history team examining Pleasant Bay Woodlands has burrowed into hundreds of pages of historical documents. Among the documents are daily journals from the 1920’s kept by Andrew Kendrick (1859-1931) about his experiences on the farm that is now transitioning to restored meadow.  The journals reveal one local family’s rural life at a time when the Cape was emerging into the modern era.

Todd chronicled changes in the land through the lens of cultural shifts among Native Americans and settlers. HCT volunteer Gerry Beetham shared his photos of the intriguing adventure. Please see the gallery below. As autumn unfolds, enjoy the scenic change of season.