Sue Lin

Sue_Lin-phoHO_HCT33_09042013_optDescribe your volunteer activities at HCT:
I’ve done a few random projects but my focus has been the Wolf program and I’ve recently started a position as Trail Steward.

How long have you volunteered?
I have been involved with HCT for 5 years.

What do you like most about it, memorable moments?
I like the fact that HCT is focused on the needs of the community it is in rather than the world in general or on only one species.  HCT takes into account who lives in Harwich whether human, plant or other animal and how they interact with each other.

The most memorable moment was 4 years ago I was privileged to sit on the floor of our community center and have a full-grown alpha wolf lick my face from nose to ear.  Yes, it was a bit unnerving, but the feeling of acceptance and mutual curiosity between Maggie the wolf and me had me hooked.  I have helped with the wolf visits since then and expect to be part of this year’s October program.

What’s special about Harwich
When looking for a place to live my realtor suggested Harwich as a quiet, centrally located community with many activities from the Brooks Library to fresh and saltwater beaches.  I moved here seven years ago and have been grateful for a decision that has given me a sense of belonging and many new friends.

What else do you like to do for fun or other activities or volunteering?
I started flying 15 months ago and take lessons from a 91-year-old flight instructor out of Provincetown. Learning to fly includes physics, navigation, weather, communication, and, by the way, flying the plane.   Soon I go camping by myself in Acadia National Park for a week.  I hope to take a flying lesson there as well as go on a whale watch and maybe rent a kayak.  I volunteer at the Cape Wildlife center one day a week.