Ross Hall


Describe your volunteer activities at HCT: I have been using my pickup truck to help remove brush and invasive plants from various HCT properties.  I also serve on the Land Stewardship Committee of the HCT.

How long have you volunteered?  I have been a volunteer for the past three years.

What do you like most about it, memorable moments?   I like working outdoors, where I am learning conservation practices for land and water, and helping to assure a healthy environment for this area.  As a non-expert, I am learning about interconnections between human activity and the plant and animal life around us.  Sometimes it’s unglamorous work removing invasive plants, but I want to help see it get done.

What’s special about Harwich?   We came here after my wife inherited her parents’ house in Harwich Port.  Finding a well-organized conservation group like the HCT was a good stroke of luck for me.

What else do you like to do for fun or other activities or volunteering?  I work part-time for the Cape Cod Central Railroad as a Conductor.