Pat Sarantis

Pat_Sarantis-phoHO_hct9_03062013_optHow long have you volunteered?
As a walk leader this is my fourth year.  In the past I did monitor bluebird boxes at Bank St. Bogs and have enjoyed stuffing envelopes at the HCT office while chatting with other volunteers about local happenings.

What do you like most about it, memorable moments?
I like the feeling of introducing others to areas in Harwich, which they may not have discovered on their own. It’s always enjoyable just conversing with town’s people and visitors alike.

What’s special about Harwich?
My husband, Bob, and I investigated several towns when we made the decision to retire to the Cape.  Driving through the streets of Harwich was a pleasant experience and somewhat less congested than other places.  Everyone we met, who worked and lived in Harwich was very helpful during our many trips to the Cape.  Having access to Nantucket Sound, Pleasant Bay and Long Pond also influenced our decision to make Harwich our home.

What do you when not at HCT?  
Walking and discovering new places are my favorite past times.  I lead two-hour hikes every Monday from the first of December to the end of March for the Chatham Harwich Newcomers Club.  I also lead for Appalachian Mountain Club and have been a member for 25 years.  Before moving to the Cape we lived in New Hampshire and I hiked often in the White Mountains.  I also enjoy biking and kayaking with the Newcomers.  Since settling on the Cape I have discovered a new passion: watercolors, and have joined the Harwich Artist Guild.  On Tuesday afternoons I volunteer at the Family Pantry.