Justin Wharton

Justin_Wharton_phoHO_HCT35_09182013_optDescribe your volunteer activities at HCT:
I monitor 3 bee hives along with fellow volunteer Steve Szafron at HCT’s 66-acre Bank Street Bogs Nature Preserve.

How long have you volunteered?
This is the first year I have done something for HCT, however I have always enjoyed helping where needed.

What do you like most about it, memorable moments?
It’s all about the bees.  “They say” bees do 75% of the work, and we can help the last 25%.

What’s special about Harwich
We moved from New Jersey in 1985. My wife and I wanted to have and raise our children here.

What else do you like to do for fun or other activities or volunteering?
I own and run a small business, HomeWatch, Inc. out of Brewster, which specializes in property management for second home owners.