Dennis Corcoran

Corcoran_Marie-and-Dennis_optDescribe your volunteer activities at HCT:
My wife and I monitor HCT’s 66-acre Bank Street Bogs Nature Preserve in Harwich Port.

How long have you volunteered?
5 years

What do you like most about it, memorable moments?
Watching the Bank St. Bogs Nature Preserve as the seasons change, especially winter to spring as the land comes alive once more and wildlife returns. A memorable morning was guiding a group of very high spirited high school volunteers as they cleared brush from the perimeter trail. Fortunately, we all emerged with as many fingers and toes as we had at the start of the day.

What’s special about Harwich?
I spent all my summers here as a kid. When I went away to college, I left the Cape for a long time but it was always on my mind. Later, as I approached retirement, my wife Marie and I knew that it was time to come to where we both wanted to be.

What else do you like to do for fun or other activities or volunteering?
For many years I was a financial executive with a chemical company. Many of those years were spent overseas, and in the last four years before retirement we were lucky to live in Malaysia and to travel all over the Pacific region. That was quite an education for us. Fun, too.

Choral music is one of my passions and I am very active with a group that presents American choral music to foreign cultures. This summer I am helping to organize a trip to three of the Baltic countries, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. I also volunteer for our homeowners’ association in East Dennis, and one of our priorities is working with the town on conservation issues concerning Crowe’s Pasture.