Craig Schneeberger

Craig_Schneeberger-phoHO_HCT13_04102013_optDescribe your volunteer activities at HCT:
I have volunteered with HCT on several occasions to help with trees that need to be either pruned or removed on HCT parcels.

How long have you volunteered?
Off and on for the past 4 years as time has permitted.

What do you like most about it, memorable moments? 
I enjoy trying to give back with the skills and tools that I possess.  The most memorable effort was removing 2 trees over HCT’s boardwalk on Lothrop Avenue while not enjoying the high winds.

What’s special about Harwich and why did you decide to make it home?
I have been traveling to the lower cape since being a kid. In 2006 my wife and I chose to move our 2 little girls closer to their grandparents.  Although limiting for work opportunities, we couldn’t have moved to a more beautiful and enjoyable location.

What else do you like to do for fun or other activities or volunteering? 
I have helped The Chatham Conservation Foundation inventory and monitor their protected lands as well as created a database cataloging their many parcels.