Chris Joyce

Chris_Joyce_HCT_volunteer_2Jan2013.optDescribe your work at the Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT):
Usually I perform administrative support assignments such as keeping track of reservations for the live animal educational programs, helping the staff prepare the required materials for HCT’s popular Winter Talk Series, and organizing data for various office software programs. I also counted herring last spring as they made their way into Hinckleys Pond.

How long have you volunteered?
Approximately a year

What do you like most about it, memorable moments?
I think it is the land-saving purpose of Harwich Conservation Trust and my preference to volunteer in the town where I live.  It is hard to find something wrong with wanting to preserve woodlands, wetlands, and other wild areas.  What is most memorable – While it’s amazing how much work is done by a small staff, I’m also impressed with the other volunteers.  They perform property monitoring, clearing debris, count eels and herring to name just a few initiatives.  And we do have a lot of laughs during the day.

What’s special about Harwich?
It’s an attractive, special town – and a welcoming one.  For someone who lived in a city for the last 40 years, you might not understand how nice it is to not worry about finding a parking place.  Traffic is easy – although my friends have taught me how to avoid Rt. 28 in the summer.

What do you (or what did you do if retired) when not at HCT?
I retired 10 years ago from a public utility.  My last position there was in energy management where we offered various programs to reduce energy consumption – who knew how  energy efficient milking pumps can make the difference for a farmer making a profit or not?

What other town activities or committees are you involved?
I am a member of the Town of Harwich’s Voter Information Committee along with Joanne Rys and Peg Rose.  Our latest effort is to encourage voters to either run for office this spring or join a town committee.  Look for the panel discussion on Channel 18.  By the way, our committee is looking for new members.