Volunteers Monitor Nesting Birds

HCT volunteers and members of the Cape Cod Bird Club monitor up to 78 nestboxes at three different sites weekly for activity throughout the nesting season. The nestboxes are designed for eastern bluebird, American tree swallow, tufted titmouse and/or black-capped chickadee. House wrens have occasionally taken up residence. Volunteer monitors also take note of other species observed during nestbox monitoring visits. For example, on one visit to HCT’s 60-acre Bank St. Bogs Nature Preserve, two Wilson’s Snipe, Red-tailed Hawk, Great Blue Heron, and several songbird species were observed.

Walking access to HCT’s Bank Street Bogs Nature Preserve can be easily found from the Harbormaster Workshop parking lot on the east side of Bank Street (Bank St. connects Route 28 to Route 39). Click here for a trail map.

If you see volunteers checking boxes, feel free to ask questions, but please steer clear of the boxes as nesting birds can be very sensitive to disturbance. Otherwise, enjoy the show as blue-green iridescent tree swallows wheel about and bright bluebirds keep watch from atop their chosen perches.