Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT). Volunteers maintain trails, enhance wildlife habitat, monitor bird nest boxes, assist in the office, work on citizen science projects, and engage in a myriad of unique and meaningful projects for HCT. Click the topics below to learn more. If you are interested in volunteering, then fill out the online Volunteer Interest Survey and we’ll follow up to arrange a meeting at HCT’s office to discuss your interests.

1. Guided Walks

Volunteers lead, free guided walks throughout the year. You pick your topic of interest, favorite conservation destination, and time of year. We add your walk to our quarterly schedule and we get the word out. It's fun and is one of the best ways to connect folks to our land conservation mission.

2. Boundary Marking and Monitoring

Small groups are organized throughout the year to survey and mark HCT land boundaries. Help us monitor or maintain properties by visiting nearby sites to evaluate or address stewardship needs. Volunteers are matched to places that meet their interests and abilities. More than 30 places still need monthly volunteers!

3. Herring Count

Monitor a local herring run by counting the fish as they climb to their freshwater spawning grounds. The commitment is small (as little as one-half hour each week). You will help provide much needed data on this once historically abundant, but now declining fish. The program runs from April to June. Help us launch this new data-collecting program in Harwich!

4. Stewardship Projects

Volunteers are needed for regularly scheduled trailwork, invasive plant removal, and property clean-up. Grab your favorite loppers or borrow one of ours and join us! Individual projects are also available.

5. Event Volunteers

From planning in advance, to support the day of, volunteers make sure that educational and fundraising events continue to grow and reach new people across the Cape.