Volunteer Herring Run Clearing Project

Within the next month or so, river herring will begin their 7-mile migration from Nantucket Sound through local streams to the ponds of Harwich to spawn. On March 15th, Connor O’Brian (HCT Director of Land Stewardship) and Heinz Proft (Town of Harwich Natural Resources Director) led volunteers and Americorps member, Stori Peterson, on a herring run clearing project. The crew was clearing a stream referred to as Cahoon Canal. The herring travel from Hinckleys Pond to Seymour Pond by way of this stream, and it is essential that any debris that would block the fishes’ passage is cleared before the migration. A big thank you to everyone who participated in this important land stewardship project!

If you are interested in learning more about river herring, as well as eels, please join us for a free zoom webinar on March 30th. Brad Chase, Senior Marine Fisheries Biologist with the State Division of Marine Fisheries, will lead a talk about the life cycles of river herring and American Eel found in Cape Cod Waterways. For more information and to register for this educational talk, please click here