The Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage Clean Long Pond

The Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage (OLAUG) in partnership with the Harwich Conservation Trust gathered at Lond Pond on Thursday, September 14th for a snorkeling expedition with a mission: collect the litter lurking beneath the pond’s surface. Founded four years ago, this passionate group of swimmers and kayakers has traveled all across the Cape to clean its many ponds, driven by their “affection and respect for the fish, turtles, and plants” that reside in these aquatic ecosystems. Check out their website to learn more, see photos, and watch videos of their work! OLAUG | Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage (

Unique discoveries from this mission included a telescope toy, a bird deterrent plastic owl head, cans, numerous old glass bottles, and more! Check out the photos below courtesy of HCT volunteer photographer Gerry Beetham. Just think: each piece of litter represents a dive by one of these dedicated ladies. Thank you, OLAUG, for cleaning these crucial Cape habitats.