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Mike Lach and Patti Smith

On the Path with Patti Smith

REFLECTING, ENJOYING & LOOKING AHEAD WITH HCT On most mornings, Patti Smith and Boomer the black lab can be found trekking to the Robert F. Smith Cold Brook Preserve. Back in 2001, the Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT) acquired the landscape found in the heart of busy Harwich Port. The more than sixty acres of upland…

Patrick and his dog

Homes for Habitat Patrick Otton

By Susanna Graham-Pye Cape Cod’s winter woods possess a rough, remarkable beauty.  Pale sage-colored fruticose lichen, wispy and delicate, softens bare oak branches angled against the cold white sky. Other lichen of the crustose variety, look sponge-painted in splotchy hues of vibrant ochre on rocks that jut out of the leaf litter. Here and there…

Bill and Judy Shinkwin

Homes for Habitat The Shinkwins’ Gift of Holly Knoll

Story by Susanna Graham-Pye Passersby who pause to notice the knoll, know there must be a story woven among the grove of holly trees and their shiny green leaves.  Atop a slight rise off Long Road, these evergreens stand like sentinels, spiny and strong, glistening in the early morning sunlight. The trees are old, and…