Sept. 24th: Live Owls from Near & Far

Folks had a hoot at the Live Owls from Near and Far shows on Saturday, September 24th. 

Each show began with a wonderful slideshow sharing Mark and Marcia’s exciting adventures as they traveled across the country photographing all 19 owl species found in North America for their award-winning book, Owling: Enter the Mysterious World of the Birds of the Night. We learned about the unique features of each species while enjoying the beautiful photographs. 

Next, Marcia brought out five different species of owl for the audience to marvel at, including great-horned, screech, saw-whet, barred, and even a snowy owl. Folks were in awe of their captivating, mysterious eyes and their spirited behavior, providing great observations as Marcia walked them down the aisles for up-close looks. Then, everyone joined in for a hooting lesson with calls familiar to the local owls of the Cape.

Please enjoy photo galleries of the shows below. 

Photo galley courtesy of HCT Volunteer Photographer Marcia Geier: 

Photo gallery courtesy of HCT Outreach and Administrative Coordinator Halley Steinmetz: