Public Relations Assistant

Position Description:

The public relations assistant will be directly involved with the Trust’s public outreach efforts including HCT’s newsletter, website, community presentations, and land protection projects as needed. Volunteers may focus efforts according to experience including contribution of newsletter articles, website design/content, or performing PowerPoint presentations about open space and conservation topics.

Volunteer Responsibilities:


  1. Coordinating contribution of articles, illustrations, or photographs
  2. Drafting articles


  1. Assist with updating, expanding, and modifying this website
  2. Contribution of text, illustrations, or photographs


  1. Delivery of Trust PowerPoint presentations for local groups, clubs, organizations or special events
  2. Potential development of additional presentations

Volunteer Qualifications:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or web design software
  • Regular computer access
  • Creativity and an interest in conservation

Training Provided

Introduction to land trust efforts and goals, the history of HCT and the importance of community outreach


The majority of duties for this position may be conducted from home or outside of the Trust’s office, but require adherence to publication deadlines or presentation dates. The Trust’s newsletter is published semi-annually, website development and updating will be done on a rolling basis, and presentations will be scheduled as needed throughout the year. The Trust will plan outreach needs as far in advance as possible, but a flexible volunteer schedule is helpful.


Satisfaction of directly participating in local conservation and preservation efforts
Publication of written material, illustrations, or photographs


Michael Lach, HCT Executive Director
Phone: 508-432-3997