Presentation & Resources: Learn About Lichens

Discovering the surreal scene of smooth beard lichens swaying in the trees above Olivers Pond

On Saturday, January 15, 2022, naturalist and lichen expert Tom Walker presented a virtual slide show about lichens for more than 100 guests attending online. Initially, we had to work out some technical audio issues, so when you start the video with the link below, we recommend starting at about minute nine (9:00) because the prior time was focused on the technical challenges.

From minute nine until 20:00, Mike Lach reviews recent HCT land-saving successes and the current Robbins Pond Project campaign as well as efforts to publish the 6th edition of the Trail Guide. 

At about 20:30, Tom Walker begins his lichen presentation.

Please click here for the recording.

Please see below for books and websites to learn more about lichens as well as identify the many species seen while exploring your local conservation lands and backyards.

Lichen Books

Brodo, Irwin M., et al. Lichens of North America. Yale University Press, 2001.

Hinds, James W., and Patricia L. Hinds. The Macrolichens of New England: Descriptions, Color Illustrations, Identification Keys, Conservation Status. New York Botanical Garden Press, 2007.

Lendemer, J. C., & Noell, N. (2018). Delmarva Lichens: An illustrated manual. Torrey Botanical Society.

McMullin, T., Anderson, F., Pennanen, J., & Pross, C. (2014). Common lichens of Northeastern North America: A field guide. The New York Botanical Garden.

Walewski, Joe. Lichens of the North Woods: A Field Guide to 111 Northern Lichens. Kollath + Stensaas, 2007.

Pope, Ralph. Lichens above Treeline: A Hiker’s Guide to Alpine Zone Lichens of the Northeastern United States. University Press of New England, 2005.

Online Lichen Resources

Consortium of North American Lichen Herbaria

Ways of Enlichenment

Marine, Maritime, and Oceanic Lichens