Preschool Explorers Discover Muddy Creek Headwaters

Preschool Explorers listen to naturalist Andrea Higgins

Smiling in the morning sunshine and curious about the great outdoors, the Preschool Explorers as well as parents and grandparents/caregivers set out with naturalist Andrea Higgins to learn all about the woodlands, meadow, and other habitats of HCT’s Muddy Creek Headwaters Preserve.

They found mushrooms and mosses and searched for insects in the bark of trees. Just to be safe, they also had a poison ivy chat while identifying different tree species. Learning owl calls was another part of their outdoor odyssey.

After Andrea read a book about chickadees and taught them the call of the chickadee, they were lucky to actually see and hear real chickadees. “They were so over the moon excited when they recognized the real chickadee song after singing it themselves. It was also nice to see friendships start to spark. These are the sweet moments that make such great memories,” said Andrea. 

Their autumn experience is illuminated by photos below courtesy of HCT volunteer photographer Gerry Beetham. HCT’s Preschool Explorers program is designed for families with kids aged 2-5 years and is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors with your preschoolers exploring nature together. It’s a great opportunity to foster curiosity and awe of the natural world.

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