Owls Up Close

Folks had a wonderful time seeing Owls Up Close with Marcia & Mark Wilson, who are naturalist educators that landed with their amazing owls at the Community Center last Saturday.

Each owl has a history of a permanent disability or as an orphan, which would prevent release back into the wild. The Wilsons have special state and federal permits that allow them to offer these one-of-a-kind educational experiences. The elegant raptors were warmly welcomed with lots of smiles from the audiences spanning all ages.

Mark, who was a photographer with The Boston Globe, began with a slideshow of stunning images offering an introduction to owl behavior and biology, including their silent flight, exceptional hearing and eyesight. He shared stories about searching for owls across the country and seeking opportunities to see snowy owls on the Arctic tundra with the occasional polar bear passing by.

Next, Marcia and Mark reached into the custom wooden owl travel boxes one by one where the owls quietly perched. They emerged to see their curious onlookers who had cameras at the ready. It was like the Owl Oscars!

Everyone enjoyed seeing the diversity of raptors, including screech owl, saw-whet owl, barred owl, great-horned owl, Eurasian eagle owl, and special guest: an American kestrel. Plus, Marcia led a hooting lesson of calls made by local owls of the Cape.

Please enjoy the photos below from Gerry Beetham and Lydia Leclair.

Thank you to event sponsors Cape Cod Five, Pizza Shark, and The Cape Cod Chronicle!

Photos above courtesy of Gerry Beetham.

Photos below courtesy of Lydia Leclair Photography.