March 5th Otter Sign Walk

HCT’s first ever Otter Sign Walk took place on Saturday, March 5th at Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands. Our enthusiastic group had a wonderful time hiking around the entire West Reservoir and admiring the beautiful views. They found many river otter haul out areas with loads of scat, and even spotted signs of otter slides! Walk leader Andrea Higgins taught about the nature of the elusive otter and even brought along the cast of an otter track to display. 

Bell’s Neck is home to a wide variety of wildlife, in addition to the river otter. Discovering coyote scat and spotting a wide variety of bird species was a welcome addition to this wildlife experience. The group spotted three types of mergansers (common, hooded, and red-breasted), buffleheads, woodpeckers, great blue herons, and blue birds. 

A big thank you to Andrea for leading this exciting walk, and thank you to HCT volunteer photographer Gerry Beetham for photographing this event. 

If you are interested in joining an Otter Sign Walk, we welcome you to join us on March 21st and 28th. To learn more and sign up, please click here.