March 26th Otter Sign Walk

On Saturday, March 26th, a wonderful group of nature enthusiasts joined Naturalist and Guide, Andrea Higgins, on our Otter Sign Walk. They had a great experience exploring the West Reservoir of Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands. In addition to finding otter haul outs, otter rolling and scenting areas, otter trails and an abundance of otter scat, the group also saw two Bald Eagles!

Additional wildlife sightings included River Herring, Osprey, Red-breasted Mergansers, Buffleheads, Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Swans, a Kingfisher, Red-winged Blackbirds, and Black-crowned Night Herons. They heard peepers and wood frogs while enjoying sweeping views of the reservoir and the beautiful sky with spectacular clouds. 

Photos courtesy of HCT Volunteer Photographer Gerry Beetham.

If you are interested in joining an Otter Sign Walk this April, please click here for more information and to sign up!