March 17th Bell’s Neck Birding Gallery

On March 17th, birders of all experience levels joined naturalist Peter Trull at Bell’s Neck and spotted 29 species, including 25 green-winged teal, offering a very festive sight for St. Patrick’s Day! Birders listened as they chirped and fed in the East Reservoir — a sound few people will ever hear!

Other highlights were seeing both common and hooded mergansers, male and female greater scaup (another unique experience), and the highest recorded number of greater yellowlegs observed on any birding walk this year.

They also learned about other interesting natural history tips, such as how to tell the difference between black oak and white oak leaves.

Thank you to Peter Trull for leading these educational walks and to HCT volunteer photographers Gerry Beetham and Sue Swartzlander for providing these stunning photos. 

What a wonderful way to explore the outdoors and celebrate the return of spring.

Bell’s Neck Birding Walks are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays this April!

If you are interested in joining a walk, please click here