Maps Go Mobile

This summer HCT released the 3rd edition of its very popular Walking & Bicycle Trail Guide. The newest version includes some interesting features like the “mobile maps” that can be downloaded to your smartphone, iPad or other mobile device.

HCT has placed square bar codes at each trailhead kiosk as well as on the cover of its Trail Guide. You can scan the bar codes with a smartphone, iPad or other mobile device to download trail maps directly from HCT’s website.  If using this novel approach to navigation is new to you, no problem.  HCT’s website and Trail Guide have directions to get you started.

To learn how to download trail maps to your phone, just click the “Trails” link in the Quick Links at right and then click the link for QR-codes.  If you’re using the paper copy Trail Guide, just turn to page 24 and follow the steps to download the bar code reader application (app).

The new Trail Guide also features the paved bicycle trails that run east-west and north-south across town.  Happy Trails!