Live Animal Programs

The Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT) is pleased to host unique, high quality, educational and inspirational live animal programs. In early spring, we host Eyes on Owls, in summer we host Birds of Prey and in the fall we welcome Mission Wolf, which hails from the Colorado Rockies. These special events offer guests a rare opportunity to see magnificent animals up close while learning about their life histories, habits, and natural habitats.

The animals are well cared for and live out their natural lifespans in custom-built sanctuaries with veterinary care funded by the program presenters. These animals were either raised in captivity, sustained human caused injuries, or were orphaned at a young age, all of which means they cannot be released back into the wild. The compassionate presenters are required to have state and federal permits that enable them to care for these animals and introduce them as wildlife ambassadors to audiences around the country through these educational experiences hosted by HCT.

These close encounters of the wild kind inspire all ages while enabling HCT to raise funds that help preserve local wildlife habitat.

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