Hikin’ for Lichens in Hawksnest State Park

The April 8th Hikin’ for Lichens walk was a great success with naturalist and guide Tom Walker. We had a curious and engaged group of walkers who asked many intriguing questions along the trail. Tom taught about the different types and species of lichens and pointed out the unique characteristics of each one we came across. We learned about lichen biology, their roles in the ecosystem, fun facts, and so much more. How incredible it was to hear about the complexities of these species found all over the Cape. From the richly branched reindeer lichen (aptly named as they comprise 50% of the winter diet for caribou and reindeer) to the vibrant, foliose maritime sunburst and so much more, we saw a phenomenal variety of lichens. 

Photos captured by HCT Outreach and Administrative Coordinator Halley Steinmetz