Harwich Parade Photos

Lots of smiles and cheerful celebration accompanied the Harwich Hometown Parade as hundreds of folks lined local streets to enjoy the revelry on a breezy sunny Sunday. More than 50 floats, fire engines, antique cars, and other parade vehicles made their way from Harwich Port along Route 28, up Doane Road, onto Sisson Road, and then through Harwich Center. Check out the fun photos in the gallery below courtesy of Gerry Beetham.

Two wide-eyed ospreys surveyed the festivities from their perch atop a nesting platform in Harwich Conservation Trust’s (HCT) land stewardship truck. HCT Director of Development Christy Laidlaw’s husband TW Cooney creatively sculpted the ospreys and wove together branches for their nest on a platform built by HCT Director of Land Stewardship Connor O’Brien. Hart Farm kindly provided the tall grasses that waved in the wind beneath the curious ospreys. Big thanks to HCT volunteers Tab, Ron, Fran, Ron, Joan, and Peggy who took turns carrying the HCT banner, leading the osprey mobile through town. We look forward to seeing what the ospreys will be doing next year when HCT returns to celebrate Harwich in the 2022 parade!