Golden Hour Otter Sign Walk

A curious and enthusiastic group joined Naturalist Andrea Higgins at Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands on Saturday for an Otter Sign Walk. While exploring the glowing forest during the golden hour and sunset, they discovered abundant otter scat and slides. Additional wildlife signs and sightings included coyote scat, deer and rabbit scat and browse, two Baltimore oriole nests, swans, mallards, a hooded merganser, and gadwalls. A juvenile bald eagle also made an appearance as it swept around the reservoir twice, providing a great view. The group practiced tree identification and enjoyed the sweet and fresh aroma of bayberry and wintergreen. There was also a nature mystery when mammal bones including a pelvic girdle and intact vertebrae were found dangling from a tree alongside the trail. 

Please enjoy photos of the adventure below captured by Gary Carreiro.