Feb. 9, 2019: Presentation–Bird Banding in Massachusetts

Trevor Lloyd-Evans (right) and students release a banded bird

HCT’s January & February Winter 2019 Talks are held at the Harwich Community Center (#100 Oak St., Harwich, MA 02645) in the multi-purpose room.

Saturday, February 9th, 2:00 p.m.
Suggested donation: $5.00 per person
Bird Banding in Massachusetts

Presentation by Trevor Lloyd-Evans: Director, Manomet’s Landbird Conservation Program

Manomet is a non-profit conservation organization with the mission of applying science and engaging people to sustain our world. The Manomet Bird Banding Lab has been continuously monitoring migratory landbirds for over 50 years by banding birds on 40 acres in Plymouth.  Shorebird studies have expanded geographically over the same period from Plymouth to Alaska to South America. Learn how long-term bird monitoring tracks changes in bird populations and migration ecology. See how bird banding data can inform conservation science and applied conservation efforts. Trevor has been banding migratory birds since 1968, and his conservation research both in Plymouth and abroad, focuses on avian migration, breeding ecology, taxonomy, evolution, and conservation biology.