Feb. 29, 2020: Seals and Society

Gray seal (photo: Gerry Beetham)

Presentation by Andrea Bogomolni, Ph.D.: Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium, Chair

Location: Harwich Community Center, #100 Oak Street, 02645
Saturday, February 29th, 2:00 p.m.
Admission: Suggested donation of $5



The relationship between seals and humans extends back thousands of years on Cape Cod and throughout the Gulf of Maine. Despite this, our understanding of the natural history, ecology, and role that seals play in our complex ecosystems is still growing and at the center of many fields of research: from foraging ecology to human dimension research and bio-sensor engineering. Learn our current understandings, common misperceptions, and what more we need to know. 

About Andrea Bogomolni:
Andrea is a community scientist as well as many other “-ists”: a naturalist, artist, biologist, and conservationist with a passion for the ocean. She is drawn to understanding our human relationship with the natural world and ways we can help preserve, protect, and sustainably use the limited resources nature provides. Seals often have entered in to her research and interests.  She obtained her PhD (pathobiology) and public health certificate at UCONN, MA at BU (marine biology) and BS (Wildlife Fisheries Bio) and BA (Studio Art) at UC Davis.