Spring Warbler Migration Workshop

Spring Warbler Migration Workshop

Date: April 27, 2024
Time: 12:30-3:30 p.m.
Meeting Place: Harwich Community Center
Leader: Peter Trull
Price: 40
Attendee Limit: 35

The spring migration of warblers here on Cape Cod begins in late April with the arrival of yellow-rumped, palm, and pine warblers. As May progresses the number of species as well as the abundance of individuals increases to create some very exciting woodland birding.

Identifying these bright-colored, high-energy woodland sprites can be overwhelming and confusing as they sweep over the Cape in a tidal wave of fast-moving, tiny birds. They never seem to stand still long enough to focus our binoculars!

In anticipation of the yearly warbler migration, naturalist Peter Trull is offering a comprehensive, colorful, slow-paced, and educational workshop to sort species and practice identification, so it comes easily in the field by the time they arrive. Learn key distinguishing features between species in plumage, habitat preferences, and behavioral characteristics.

This comprehensive workshop is intended to prepare you for the spring migration. With practice, this colorful, exciting, and challenging onslaught of spring warblers will become so familiar that during the month of May, we can relax and take our time. Prepare early so you are able to sort and appreciate the variety of species during field classes, on your own, or when birding with friends.

Photos courtesy of Peter Trull.

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