Cold Brook Eco-Restoration Project

Cold Brook Eco-Restoration Project video above created by Angela McNerney of Lower Cape TV

Harwich Firehouse Restoration video above created by Angela McNerney of Lower Cape TV

Video above created by Zygote Digital Films

The eco-restoration goals are to re-wild important wetland and stream habitats as well as enhance the visitor experience, including creation of a half-mile wheelchair accessible trail loop.

Beginning Sept. 1, 2023, the walking trails at the Cold Brook Preserve were closed as ecological restoration construction started.

We plan to reopen the trails in fall 2024.

Please watch these videos for an overview of the Cold Brook Ecological Restoration Project.

Listen to a segment featured on the Cape & Islands NPR station (WCAI 94.3 fm) about eco-restoration projects including Cold Brook.

A two-page project summary in PDF.

PDF of the May 23, 2022 presentation to the Town of Harwich Select Board.

To learn about the great progress with restoring the Town's original firehouse by the nonprofit Harwich Fire Association (HFA), please click here.

HCT and HFA partnered on Dec. 8, 2022 to purchase from the Town an approx. 2-acre property on which the firehouse sits and that also provides parking for the Cold Brook trails. We're still raising funds to enhance parking and trailhead access including the creation of a scenic overlook.

If you're interested in supporting the Cold Brook Trailhead & Public Access Project, please contact HCT Exec. Dir. Michael Lach by phone 508-432-3997, email, or click here to donate.