Bound Brook Island & Hatch House Hike

Harwich resident Mark McGrath led an adventure in the wilds of Wellfleet to explore the windswept bay beach and Bound Brook Island area of the National Seashore. The ramble along the shore, then over a dune path into the woods culminated with a visit to the unique Hatch House by special arrangement. 

En route over hill and dale to the Hatch House, we stopped at the Biddle House. Pausing in the grassy nook amidst the forested hills, Mark shared stories about Lorenzo Baker (the Banana King), Jon Dos Pasos (novelist), and Judge Francis Biddle (FDR Attorney General and US Chief Judge at the Nuremberg Trials).

Hiking up and through the woodland paths, we then found footing on a rustic dirt road toward the Hatch House. We were appreciative guests of Gilly Hatch who is visiting from England, the daughter of Ruth and Robert Hatch.  Jack Hall built the home for Gilly’s parents in 1962, keeping in mind simplicity, environmental concerns, and the Bauhaus principles of architecture. The Hatch House is located in a spectacular setting on Cape Cod Bay. It is one of the homes managed by the Cape Cod Modern House Trust and featured in their book on architectural tours.

Gilly shared her memories of the light-hearted, creative atmosphere of childhood days in the dunes and the Hatch House as a sanctuary perched above the sandy shore. We listened to Gilly’s remembrances gathered around her on the weathered cedar deck and traveled back in time. We extend a grateful thank you to Gilly for inspiring our imagination and giving everyone a tour of the Hatch House. And we also offer a big thanks to photographer Nancy Graupner (and photo editor husband Jim Stefely) for the engaging photos below.