A “YES” vote on Article 33 results in Town purchase of Lot G1 in support of the overall effort by HCT to protect all parcels outlined in red.

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Below is the actual Article 33 text that appears on the May 8, 2021 Harwich Annual Town Meeting Warrant:

Article 33:       To see if the Town will vote to appropriate from Community Preservation Act Funds – $360,000.00 from the Open Space Reserve to fund the acquisition of a parcel of land located on Headwaters Drive and identified as Assessor’s Parcel 81-G1, and costs incidental or related thereto, and to authorize the Board of Selectmen to acquire said parcel for open space and passive recreation purposes by purchase, gift, and/or eminent domain on such terms and conditions as the Board of Selectmen deems in the best interests of the Town, and to grant a conservation restriction thereon to Harwich Conservation Trust and/or any other qualified entity pursuant to G.L. c. 184, §§31-33 and meeting the requirements of G.L. c. 44B, §12(a), with the care, custody and control of said parcel to be held by the Board of Selectmen pursuant to the provisions of G.L. c. 40, §8C,    Any funds left unspent from this Article are to be returned to the Community Preservation Act Funds-Open Space Reserve, and to act fully thereon.  By request of the Community Preservation Committee and the Real Estate & Open Space Committee.  Estimated Cost: $360,000.00.

Explanation: The goal of this article is to support a partnership between the Town, State, and nonprofit Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT) that will result in the preservation of approximately 31 acres in the Hinckleys Pond/Herring River Watershed to protect water quality, walking trails, land bordering the Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path, scenic views, and wildlife habitat. The following parcels owned by the Jenkins Nominee Trust (9 deeds) would be purchased by the Town, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Harwich Conservation Trust:  Assessor Map 81, Lot G1: Assessor Map 81, Lot G2-1: Assessor Map 81, Lot G2-2: Assessor Map 81, Lot G2-3: Assessor Map 81, Lot G2-4-1: Assessor Map 81, Lot G2-4-2: Assessor Map 81, Lot G3: Assessor Map 81, Lot G3-1