April 1st: Vernal Pool Adventure

Spotted salamander by Peter Trull

The Thursday vernal pool visit is full, but there’s still room for the Saturday, April 1st adventure at the link further below.

Immerse yourself in the wild by joining a vernal pool adventure to learn about the nocturnal natural history of these intriguing habitats with their curious creatures. Join Cape Cod’s expert field naturalist and wildlife specialist Peter Trull to experience the amphibian emergence from winter hibernation during the rainy nights after the March full moon. This night time program gives participants a great opportunity to possibly observe a phenomenon of spring rarely experienced by humans. Spotted salamander emergence, mating, and egg laying occur in late March and early April. We’ll listen for, and hopefully observe spring peepers, wood frogs and maybe pickerel frogs actively calling in a vernal pool and woodland. We’ll search with headlamps, dip nets, and flashlights for spotted salamanders and their jelly-like egg masses as we listen to the sounds of Nature on a spring evening. This will be an adventure you’ll not soon forget. Wear boots and bring a flashlight, and if it’s raining, dress accordingly. 

Time: 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Location: It’s a secret…but directions will be emailed after you register (pay online).

Cost: $15.00 per person – limited to 15 participants


Click here to register & pay for the
SATURDAY, April 1st vernal pool adventure.