Annual Sale: Harwich Gold Compost

The Garden Club of Harwich is now accepting orders for its annual Harwich Gold compost sale. Available in 40-pound bags ($10) or 1-gallon jugs of liquid compost “tea” ($8), add this organic, nutrient dense compost to your garden and watch your plants grow!

This annual sale funds the Club’s many garden projects throughout Harwich including public garden maintenance, tree plantings, community outreach programs, and more.

To order your Harwich Gold, please click the link below to download the order form and follow the instructions.

Harwich Gold 2024 Order Form

Orders must be received by March 22nd.

Pick-up date and instructions are included on the form.

Photo of Thompson’s Field garden, maintained by the Garden Club of Harwich using Harwich Gold, courtesy of Gerie Schumann.