Preschool Explorers in the Heart of Harwich Port

Reflections by Andrea Higgins

A brilliant bright blue sky, abundant sunshine and chilly breezes greeted the Preschool Explorers in the heart of Harwich Port. A smiling group of 3-5 year olds explored the Robert F. Smith Cold Brook Preserve and we all discovered so much!  We read a book about animals that might live right on the Preserve as we sat cozy in the sun on a perfectly placed bench. 

We released the silky strands of milkweed seed pods and watched with joy as the wind dispersed the bright white, kitten soft, contents of the dried milkweed pods. We learned all about animal signs and the stories that animals leave behind so we know they have been there.  Fur, food signs, tracks, nests, and scat are all clues that animals are around.

We found deer tracks and coyote tracks.  We learned how to waddle like a raccoon, gallop like a rabbit, bound like an otter and walk like a deer and a coyote.

We found scat, which is the science word for poop! We went on a color search and used natural paint brushes (pine branches) to “paint” in the sand.  We discovered mushrooms and earth stars and beautifully colored leaves.  We saw hawks and song birds.  Kind new friends offered to hold hands to warm an explorer’s chilly hands as we walked along admiring the beauty of the day.  Caregivers and explorers snuggled on a bench refueling with snacks as I read  DEAR LITTLE ONE by Nina Laden before walking and giggling back to the parking lot where we started off our adventures.  

I am already looking forward to seeing these sweet curious explorers for next week’s adventures.