2020 Donation Dedications

In Memory:

Marsh rainbow by Gerry Beetham

In Memory of Richard F. and Evelyn M. Anton
Kathleen Sinnamon and Nathaniel Lawton

In Memory of The Babaian Family
Cynthia J. Babaian 

In Memory of Bill Baldwin
Emily H. Baldwin

In Memory of Lee and George Baldwin
Kimball Cartwright and Sherill Baldwin

In Memory of Bill Barber
Fred and Kathleen Budreski

In Memory of Tom Barker
Jean E. Barker
Harold and Jill Gabriel

In Memory of Charles Bascom
Richard (Rick) and Lisa Spencer

Fiddleheads by Janet DiMattia

In Memory of David A. Bassett
Andrea Aldrovandi
Forrest and Gail Bassett
Joyce and Osborne Bearse
Robert and Clarice Browne
Linda Hurley and Robert Delvecchio
C. Aileen Domos
Dorothy G. Hemmings
Robert McDonnell and Barbara Johnson
Julia Johnson
Christina Joyce
Shirley Knowles
David and Linda Luxenberg
Kathleen A. Mitchell
Taylor and Susan Mills
Margaret Newman
Margaret (Peggy) Rose
Patti A. Smith
Patricia Stackhouse
Raymond and Beverly Thacher
The Staff and Trustees of Brooks Free Library

In Memory of Thomas Benaroch
Katherine Benaroch

In Memory of Bobbi Best
Robin Fies 

In Memory of Kent and Trudie Bliss

Bright fall colors by Gerry Beetham

Deborah A. Behler

In Memory of Anthony Bove
Lois Anne Pelletier

In Memory of Mary Ann Bowden
Bruce C. Bowden

In Memory of Eddy Brown
Edward Brown

In Memory of Clark Sheldon Burdman
Trudy Burdman

In Memory of Joyce Bush
David Bush and Leslie Dossey

In Memory of Carole Campbell
Arthur Campbell

In Memory of Dr. Herb Campbell
James Shannon and Jenny K. Campbell

In Memory of Richard T. Carroll
Susan J. Carroll

In Memory of my Brother C. Wayne Clouse

Osprey by Diane Lomba

Alva (Bowman) Chaletzky

In Memory of Douglas Cole
Virginia M. Lucil

In Memory of Ruth and Dick Connaughton
Geraldine (Lee) O’Malley

In Memory of Irene Cooper
Elizabeth A. Phillips

In Memory of Katharine and Chuck Corbett
Richard and Anne Simmons

In Memory of Judd J. Corbett
Ursula K. Corbett

In Memory of Jacqueline Croce
Russell Croce

In Memory of Fred and Carolyn Crowell
Barry and Sylvia Fulcher

In Memory of Albert Dalmolen
Frances (Eve) Dalmolen

In Memory of Robert Damiano

Atlantic white cedars by Gerry Beetham

Grace Damiano

In Memory of Edward and Adeline Davis
Carl & Deborah (Deb) Sturgis

In Memory of Patricia A. Desler
David Desler

In Memory of Dr. Robert G. Dolan
Elizabeth N. Dolan

In Memory of Sherill A. Duggan
Dennis F. Duggan

In Memory of Laura Dwyer
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Philip S. Eagan
Mary M. Eagan

In Memory of Michael Eichenseer
Susan Trask

In Memory of Eugenie (Vincent) Emanuel
David and Patricia Vincent

In Memory of Mary Ruth Follas
John and Carroll Follas

In Memory of Kate and Jim Fournaris
Peter and Elaine Stark

In Memory of Jane and Jim Fryatt
Julie A. Gibson

In Memory of Sandy Garre
Maryjo Garre

In Memory of Tony Germann
Florence B. Lofberg

Lake reflection by Gerry Beetham

In Memory of Vernon and Rose Golay
Pamela Latimer

In Memory of Bill Gorham
Mike Gorham and Veronika Thiebach

In Memory of Grey
Regina Yaroch

In Memory of Buck Griswold
Edward and Joan Winslow

In Memory of James B. Haley
Ann Haley

In Memory of Frances and Robert Hamilton
Jack and Kathleen Welch

In Memory of Robert R. Hampton
Cynthia Hampton

In Memory of William A. Henn
Peter Gross
Julie and Vincent Kraft
George and Leslie Metzger
Catherine Naso

In Memory of Dr. Henry H. Hood

Red fox (photo: www.sarahedevlin.com)

Eleanor V. Hood

In Memory of Robert Hunter
Robert V. Condon III

In Memory of Daris E. Keeler
Robert Keeler

In Memory of Paul Kozar
William H. Hayes

In Memory of Dave Kraus
Anne and John Kraus

In Memory of Ken Kraus
Robert and Sue Kraus

In Memory of Herbert Lach
Edward W. Brown
Deborah A. Fish
Leonard and Patty Johnson
The Lach Family
Joseph and Elaine Shovlin
Patti A. Smith
Janet C. Taylor

In Memory of Marquerite E. (Robinson) Marion
From her loving niece and nephews
Norma G (Ellis) Chenevert
Carl W. Ellis
Wayne R. Ellis

In Memory of Marguerite (Marge) Marion

Muddy Creek Headwaters meadow by Michael Lach

Katherine T. Begin
Beverly A. Clarke
Barbara Jane Gorry
Jack and Gaye Kalosy
Julie and Vince Kraft
Kenneth Lown
Connie L. Pina
Margaret (Peggy) Rose
Raymond and Beverly Thacher

In Memory of Timothy McCauliff
David and Jane Murray

In Memory of Scot McClain
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Charles McClelland
James E. McClelland

In Memory of John McGuigan
Janet McGuigan

In Memory of my parents Celina and Manuel Mendible
Rebecca J. Mendible

In Memory of Bob and Lorraine Molloy

Monarch caterpillar in butterfly weed by Gus Romano

Patricia and Mark Teich

In Memory of Isabelle Monteleone
Deborah A. Fish
Amy Hickingbotham

In Memory of Theresa N. Morgado
Mr. & Mrs. Martin G. Morgado

In Memory of Jim Naley
Edward and Joan Winslow

In Memory of Joan and Elliott Nickerson
Ronald and Paula Plock

In Memory of Paul Norton
Edward and Joan Winslow

In Memory of John A. O’Callaghan
Jeffrey and Mildred O’Callaghan

In Memory of Robert B. Our
Eileen Our

In Memory of Charles Palmer
Carole A. Palmer

In Memory of our Parents

Rose pogonia by Rich Eldred

Sharon and Ernie Csaky

In Memory of Christine Peterson
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Pat and Steve Petro
Pamela Petro and Marguerite Harrison

In Memory of Anna G. Pierce
Donald (Donnie) Pierce

In Memory of Judith D. Polio
Charles J. Polio

In Memory of Mary Porciello
John and Connie Young

In Memory of John S. Preston, Jr.
Diana and Faith Preston

In Memory of Elizabeth L. Pring
Kenneth F. Pring

In Memory of Florence Pultz
George Pultz

In Memory of Eamon and Veronica Quinn

Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands & West Reservoir by Gus Romano

Patrick and Mary Brophy

In Memory of Mary Raynor
Thomas and Kristine Raynor

In Memory of Joe and Eileen Redmond
Timothy and Deborah Redmond

In Memory of Chet and Jane Richards
Brian Richards
Jeff and Kelly Richards

In Memory of Stella and Louis Riedl
Georgene Riedl and Ralph MacKenzie

In Memory of John and Lidia Ristuccia
Anthony and Janine Hojnoski

In Memory of Heidi Kirchner Rock
Rev. Marcia P. West

In Memory of Wayne Robinson
Eleanor Lee Chase

In Memory of Mr. Francis J. Roth
Maryellen R. Lorefice

In Memory of Elizabeth Harrington Rubel

Bumblebee hovering over lavender by Stephanie Foster

Earl and Elizabeth Harrington

In Memory of Louise Russell
Otis Russell and Monica Lussier

In Memory of William Schumann
Walter and Carol Knox

In Memory of H. Donald Scott
Michael and Martha Farmer

In Memory of Caroline Shearer
George Anderson

In Memory of Robert F. Smith
Lew and Pauline Ashton

In Memory of June and Mort Snowhite
Pamela Petro and Marguerite Harrison

In Memory of Ted Stewart
Pamela R. Stewart

In Memory of Allan Swanson
Osborne and Joyce Bearse

In Memory of Ken and Glenna Swanton
Bette B. Swanton

In Memory of Tom and Mary Taylor
Jane and Robert Sumner

In Memory of William Toohey
Andrea Petitto

In Memory of Esther and Walter Trainer
Sara Trainer

In Memory of Lucy Tutunjian

Green heron by Janet DiMattia

Joan C. Lafond

In Memory of Joseph Wager
Steve and Diane Boettcher

In Memory of Mary and Bob Warneke
Bob and Jean Warneke

In Memory of Don Weeks
Leslie K. Joseph

In Memory of Bats (Bancroft) Wheeler
Mercy H. Wheeler

In Memory of Lincoln and Lucille White
Andrew Felper

In Memory of Sara Beth Wittenstein
Elizabeth (Liz) and Philip (Phil) Wittenstein

In Memory of Ted Wojnarowski
Carole A. Wojnarowski

In Memory of Timothy Woollard
Georgene Riedl and Ralph MacKenzie



In Honor of Al Boragine’s 95th Birthday
Nancy F. Hipp

In Honor of All Land Trusts
Frank and Mary Wojciechowski

In Honor of to “All who love Nature”

Ladybug on butterfly weed by Janet DiMattia

Teresa Halloran

In Honor of The Babaian Family
Cynthia Babaian

In Honor of our daughter Kelly Barber
Thomas and Judith Barber

In Honor of David A. Bassett
Dorothy G. Hemmings-Bassett

In Honor of Al (Mario) Boragine
David and Dorothy Callaghan

In Honor of The Bowers – wonderful neighbors!
Vita Marie Rizzo

In Honor of Gail Robin Burns
Barry and Sylvia Fulcher

In Honor of the Last Lot Campaign
Dinah Lane and John Ketchum

In Honor of Martha and Allan Campbell
William and Christina Maloney

In Honor of saving the lot next to Coy’s Brook
Joseph and Marie Lennon

In Honor of Coy’s Brook – last lot
David Wilson and Celia Joseph
Louis and Irasema Kash
Peter and Mary Ellen Marsden

In Honor of Joseph and Muriel Daley

Semipalmated plover by Gus Romano

Joseph and Sharon Daley

In Honor of Grace Damiano
Barbara Tabak and David Damiano

In Honor of Alexander Flash
Joan Flash Davis

In Honor of Leonard H. Goddard
Jacquelyn Goddard

In Honor of Erica Goodman
Virgin Management

In Honor of my Children and Grandchildren
Andrea Aldrovandi

In Honor of my Grandchildren who love Harwich as much as I do!
Lynn M. Schweinshaut

In Honor of Our Children and Grandchildren
Edward (Ned) and Bonnie Rogers

In Honor of Madeline Gould
Susan Bartick

In Honor of Jane Harvey
Shirley Knowles

In Honor of Harwich
Kelly Barber

In Honor of HCT Boundary Quest Team

Common yellowthroat by Gus Romano

Mario (Al) Boragine

In Honor of the fine work that HCT does!
James and Barbara Fyfe

In Honor of HCT Family
Jane Pedersen

In Honor of our Family
Rain Ryder and Justine Ryan

In Honor of Marcia Iddles
Stephen and M. Charlotte Ryan

In Honor of Dom and Joey
Justin Willow

In Honor of Annina and Josh
Justin Willow

In Honor of Christina Joyce
Carol Joyce

In Honor of Michael Lach
Debra Ann Johnson
Elizabeth (Liz) Lewis
Kathy Meyers
Nancy R. Wigley

In Honor of Mary Saudade and Don Landing

River otter by Liz Baldwin

Tom and Deb Saudade

In Honor of Thomas E. Leach – Harbormaster – Retired
Robert K. Leach

In Honor of the Little Creatures
Jane Pedersen

In Honor of Aubrey Mae Lyon
Andrew D. Lyon Sr.

In Honor of Marguerite (Marge) Marion
Connie L. Pina

In Honor of George H. Mitchell
Kathleen Mitchell

In Honor of Isabelle Monteleone
Allan and Martha Campbell

In Honor of Our Kids…”Paradise is never too far”
Dianne and John Somers

In Honor of Dana Perkins
William and Priscilla Perkins

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Philips

Swallowtail on butterfly weed by Janet DiMattia

Charles and Rosemary Philips

In Honor of Mark Robinson
Susanne Hallstein

In Honor of Steven and Anna Ryan
Pauline (Guggie) Ryan

In Honor of Hannah Farris and Colin Ryan
Pauline (Guggie) Ryan

In Honor of Justine Ryan and Rain Ryder
Pauline (Guggie) Ryan

In Honor of Mary Saudade
Mary Saudade and Don Landing

In Honor of Jean Warneke
Bob Warneke

In Honor of Meghan Ryan and Sean Weber
Pauline (Guggie) Ryan

In Honor of Ellen Weeks
Leslie K. Joseph

In Honor of Teddi and Frank Wiacek
Francis Wiacek, Jr.

In Honor of Blair and Anne Wormer
Paul Keary and Jeanne LaPierre