2019 Donation Dedications

In Memory:

In Memory of Frederick N. Adams
Julia C. Adams

In Memory of Kathryn Howes Alvord
Clark and Harriet Alvord

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Ayer
John and Cathy Ayer

Common Yellowthroat Warbler by Sarah E. Devlin Photography

In Memory of George Baldwin Jr.
Bruce and Beverly Nightingale

In Memory of Lee Baldwin
Gail Hancock

In Memory of Tom Barker
Jean E. Barker
Kathleen Gallo

In Memory of Nancy Berlin
Richard and Allison Armstrong Jr.

In Memory of Marilyn Sheehan Barry
Michael Lach
Tom and Christine Spana

In Memory of Margaret Brunelli
Mr. & Mrs. James Callahan

In Memory of Stephen Buckley
Deborah Behler

In Memory of Jack Bush
Frank and Mary Wojciechowski

In Memory of Daniel B. Carroll Jr.
Daniel and Mary Carroll Sr.

In Memory of Caleb Childs
Ginny and Bob Doyle

In Memory of Ethan Coffey 
Michael and Mary Metzger

In Memory of Katharine and Chuck Corbett
Anne and Richard Simmons

In Memory of Judd J. Corbett
Nino and Shannon Corbett
Ursula K. Corbett

In Memory of Dave Coupal
Margaret Coupal

In Memory of Albert Dalmolen
Eve Dalmolen

Tree swallow parent on a fly-by feeding (photo: Sarah E. Devlin Photography www.sarahedevlin.com)

In Memory of Robert Damiano
Grace Damiano

In Memory of Elisabeth and Lawrence Damon
Dorothy and Lawrence Damon Jr.

In Memory of Martha and Frederick Davis
Ross and Bonnie Hall

In Memory of Laura Dwyer
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Kenneth and Dora Eaton
Lois E. Eaton

In Memory of my husband E. B. Griswold
Lila K. Griswold

In Memory of Warren F. Hall
Karen A. Hall

In Memory of Francis Hamilton (Mother)
John and Kathleen Welch

In Memory of Barbara Haveran
Jackie Buckley

In Memory of Margaret Hensler
Joan Hensler

In Memory of Richard Higgins
Mark and Elizabeth Russo

In Memory of Elizabeth E. Holbrook

Fiddler crab by Gus Romano

John W. Holbrook

In Memory of K D B F
James and Barbara Fyfe

In Memory of the Kelly Families
Carol Kelly and family

In Memory of Barry Albert Knowles
Elizabeth H. Eldredge
Mike and Carole Gallo
Nancy Hipp
Christina Joyce
Shirley Knowles
Helen McClelland
James E. McClelland
Eileen M. Our

In Memory of Paul Kozar
Joan C. Kozar

In Memory of Phil and Mary Krulik
John and Dianne Somers

In Memory of Michael LaDouceur
Edward and Constance LaDouceur

In Memory of Joe and Rita Leary
Joan V. Leary

In Memory of Nathan G. Lieberson

Red tailed hawk by Janet DiMattia

Anna E. Lieberson

In Memory of Lillian Malevich
Joan E. Malevich

In Memory of Lucene Martel
Andrew Martel

In Memory of Scot McClain
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Celina Mendible (Mother)
Rebecca J. Mendible

In Memory of George Morris
Patrick and Mary Brophy

In Memory of Mr. Nat Motisi
J. Joy Motisi

In Memory of Charles Palmer
Carole Palmer

In Memory of Robert, Thomas and Lauren Pelletier
Lois Anne Pelletier

In Memory of Christine Peterson
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Wayne Robinson
Lee Robinson Chase

In Memory of Ernest and Cecilia Rahl
Andrea Rahl

In Memory of Louise Russell
Otis Russell and Monica Lussier

In Memory of Domenic and Rosemarie Russo

Starflower by Gerry Beetham

Mark and Elizabeth Russo

In Memory of Dale A. Ryan
South Harwich Shore Association (SHSA)

In Memory of Joyce Scudder
Laurie J. Harrold

In Memory of Conrad Schuessler
Nina Schuessler

In Memory of William Schumann
Robert and Judith Catlin
Barry Johnson

In Memory of Caroline Shearer
George Anderson

In Memory of Isabel Smith
Anne C. Hayes

In Memory of Robert F. Smith
Stephen E. Grizey

In Memory of the Smith Families
Carol Kelly and family

In Memory of James and Edith Strauss
Gregory and Leslie Meier

In Memory of Fred Roscoe Street

Beech trees by Gerry Beetham

Barbara A. Brown-Street

In Memory of Charles O. Verrill
Henry and Eleanor Hood

In Memory of Janie (Emanuel) Vincent
David and Patricia Vincent

In Memory of Bancroft Wheeler
Emily L. Barrett

In Memory of Peggy and George Whitehead
Richard (Rick) and Mary Jane Whitehead

In Memory of Ted Wojnarowski
Carole Wojnarowski

In Memory of Bruce Young
John and Cathy Ayer





In Honor of Evalina P. Apostolova
Julia Apostolova

In Honor of Gail Baldwin
Nina Schuessler

In Honor of David A. Bassett
Dorothy (Dot) G. Hemmings

In Honor of Henry Beston
Pem Schultz

In Honor of Mario (AL) Boragine
Clayton (Tony) and Mary Jane Ryan, Jr.

In Honor of Peter Buffington

Halloween pennant dragonfly by Blair Nikula

Joanna Buffington

In Honor of Brooks and Karen Clark
Lee and Martha Ingram

In Honor of Peter Doherty
David and Abigail Doherty

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Capece
Nicholas G. Capece

In Honor of Megan Daley
Kevin and Beryl DaleyIn Honor of David M. Davis
Joan Flash Davis

In Honor of Donna, the best Aunt a girl could ask for!
Crystal and Garin Casaleggio

In Honor of my grandchildren who love Harwich
Lynn Schweinshaut

In Honor of Harwich (what a nice town)
Kelly Barber

In Honor of Christina Joyce
Joseph and Lynne Lavieri
Jim and Ellie Poor

In Honor of Michael W. Lach
Sally and Bob Bullard
Kathy Meyers
R. Dennis O’Connell
Pem Schultz

In Honor of Karin and Bob Larson

Green heron by Janet DiMattia

Joan Nickerson

In Honor of Mother Nature
Carol A. Chichetto

In Honor of my 16 years in Harwich, now Provincetown
Brian N. Michaelan

In Honor of Carol Ann Robinson
Russell C. Robinson, Jr.

In Honor of William Schumann
Robert and Judith Catlin

In Honor of Bob Smith
Nino and Shannon Corbett

In Honor of Steve Szafran
Karen and Mark Cook

In Honor of R. Lincoln Thacher
Raymond and Beverly Thacher

In Honor of our dog Theo who loves Bells Neck Trails!
Wendell Sharp

In Honor of Mike, Tyler, Jane & Alva and their hard work.

Great blue heron by Kathleen Magnusson

Shirley Knowles

In Honor of Edward J. Walsh, Sr., 97 years old and still sharp –
Ran “Shamrock Baseball Cards” in Harwich
Mary A. Walsh

In Honor of The Wormer’s
Paul Keary and Jeanne LaPierre

In Honor of Keith Clark and Marissa Zwald
Paul and Helen Doane