2018 Donation Dedications

In Memory:

In Memory of Frederick Adams
Julia (Judy) C. Adams

In Memory of Kathryn Howes Alvord
Clark and Harriet Alvord

In Memory of my wife Evie Armbruster
Ronald Armbruster

In Memory of Sara and Calvin Ayer
John and Cathy Ayer

In Memory of Bill Baldwin
Emily H. Baldwin

In Memory of George C. Baldwin, Jr.
Gail Hancock
Colin and Jane Stevenson
Kevin T. Sullivan
Catherine Hill Tapia

In Memory of Lee W. H. Baldwin
On Behalf of Baldwin, Hancock and Small Families
Connie L. Pina

In Memory of Tom Barker
Jean E. Barker
Kathleen Gallo

In Memory of Charles A. Barrett “Babe”
Priscilla Teleky and Paul W. Davis
Paul and Kristine Dery
Anna Fonts
Judie Garcia
John S. Garrity
Marcia Glode
Robert and Joanne Green
Rachael C. Jorgensen
Christina A. Joyce
Shirley Kemp
Kingsbury Landscapes
Marian B. and Gerald Manning
Doreen J. Mohr
Pete and Donna Peterson
Julie and John Pina
George I. Rockwood, Jr.
Margaret (Peggy) Rose
Phyllis Shaw
Paula M. Sousa
Edward and Joan Winslow

In Memory of Brett Albert Bauer
Brian A. Bauer

In Memory of Irene Bielakowski
Irving David Weiner

In Memory of Huck Borman
John and Kathleen Anne Welch

In Memory of the Bown Family
Richard and Mary Alexander

In Memory of Andy Briggs
Marcia Andrews

In Memory of Ethel “Eddy” Brown
Edward W. Brown

In Memory of Joyce Bush
David Bush and Leslie Dossey

In Memory of Callaghan Family
Robert and Laurie Callaghan

In Memory of Carole Campbell
Arthur Campbell

In Memory of Sheila Carbone
James J. Carbone

In Memory of Burke Carroll
Daniel and Mary Carroll

In Memory of Daniel B. Carroll, Jr.
Daniel and Mary Carroll

In Memory of Dennis Case
South Harwich Shore Association (SHSA)

In Memory of Caleb Chase
Virginia and Robert Doyle

In Memory of Caleb F. Childs
Raymond and Beverly Thacher

In Memory of Douglas Cole
Virginia M. Lucil

In Memory of Richard Connaughton
Joanne M. Baldauf
Henry (Rick) and Laureen Barsam, Jr.
Adrian and Gabriel Bresler
David and Carla Burke
Larry and Peg Callanan
Marie and Dennis Corcoran
Marvin and Jean DeBaise
Richard Hall and Kathleen Edwards
Evan and Mollie Hoorneman
Florence B. Lofberg
Thomas and Therese McGraw
Susan E. Quinn & Family
Kathryn Sabellico
Elaine J. Shea
Joanne Storey
Kathleen Storey
Christopher and Nancy Sweeney
Christine and Joe Tierney & Family
Aurele Thomas
Eleanor C. Winslow

In Memory of Richard and Ruth Connaughton
Margaret and Robert Klehm
Donna Gibbons and Mark Peterson
Margaret Fox-Tully

In Memory of Ruth Connaughton
Colleen Allen
(and special Accommodations from: Molly,
Sophia and Wendy in GEP)
Florence B. Lofberg
Kathryn Sabellico
Christopher and Nancy Sweeney
Eleanor (Ellie) Winslow

In Memory of Judd J. Corbett
Nino and Shannon Corbett
Ursula K. Corbett

In Memory of Judith Small Corkum
Colin and Jane Stevenson

In Memory of David G. Coupal
Margaret A. Coupal

In Memory of Ronald Croteau
Daniel P. Croteau

In Memory of Robert Cybulski
Jane MacAfee

In Memory of Megan Daley
Kevin and Beryl Daley

In Memory of Albert Dalmolen
Eve Dalmolen

In Memory of Robert Damiano
Grace Damiano

In Memory of Elisabeth and Lawrence Damon
Renny and Dottie Damon

In Memory of David M. Davis
Joan Flash Davis

In Memory of Edward and Adeline Davis
Carl and Deborah Sturgis

In Memory of Patricia Desler
David A. Desler

In Memory of Jack and Nancy Donovan
John S. Garrity

In Memory of Anna and Peter Dounelis
Robert Bradley and Maria Dounelis

In Memory of Tim and Mary Duggan
Dennis and Sherill Dugan

In Memory of Laura Dwyer
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Philip S. Eagan
Mary M. Eagan

In Memory of Linda Fall
David Crestin and Elizabeth Bierbower

In Memory of Mary Farragher
Katherine Farragher

In Memory of Mary Ruth Follas
John and Carroll Follas

In Memory of Jim and Kate Fournaris
Peter and Elaine Stark

In Memory of Jane and Jim Fryatt
Julie A. Gibson

In Memory of Sandy Garre
MaryJo Garre

In Memory of Marilyn R. Geller
Joel S. Geller

In Memory of Leona Goodspeed
Bill and Karen Goggins, Jr.

In Memory of Bill Gorham
Michael Gorham and Veronika Thiebach

In Memory of Greg Gowans
James and Laura Coughlin

In Memory of Ken and Ginny Grindell
Barry and Sylvia Fulcher

In Memory of Bea and Randy Gritzan
Patricia A. Gritzan

In Memory of Flo Haetinger
Russell and Sandra Shannon

In Memory of Robert R. Hampton
Cynthia A. Hampton

In Memory of Richard A. Hayes
Albert and Nancy Patterson

In Memory of John Heald
Roberta (Bobbie) McDonnell

In Memory of Mrs. Margaret Hensler
Joan G. Hensler

In Memory of Husband, Milton and Sons,
Mark and Peter Hirshberg
Carolyn E. Hirshberg

In Memory of Elizabeth E. Holbrook
John W. Holbrook

In Memory of Mabel Johnson
Vanessa Johnson-Hall

In Memory of Stan Kokoszka
Patricia Kokoszka

In Memory of Paul Kozar
Joan C. Kozar

In Memory of David Kraus
John and Anne Kraus

In Memory of Phil and Mary Krulik
John and Dianne Somers

In Memory of Michael LaDouceur
Edward and Constance LaDouceur

In Memory of James and Mary Lamont
George and Catherine Lamont

In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Langway
Chester C. Langway, Jr.

In Memory of Joe and Rita Leary
Joan V. Leary

In Memory of Robert J. Leshinski
Paula Champagne Lawton and Dennis W. Lawton

In Memory of Nathan G. Lieberson
Anna E. Lieberson

In Memory of Dr. Timothy Lyons and Ms. Ann Lyons
Richard and Patty Moriarty

In Memory of Anne Hogan Macheras
Roberta (Bobbie) McDonnell

In Memory of William E. MacLeod
Joseph Sheehan

In Memory of Louis Malluzzo, Jr.
Zoe Malluzzo

In Memory of Donald Martin
Mary G. Martin
William and Angela Mueller

In Memory of Joseph and Kitten McCamish
Patricia Donohoe

In Memory of Timothy P. McCauliff
Jane and David Murray

In Memory of Scot McClain
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of my parents, George and Amy McDonald
Carolyn E. Hirshberg

In Memory of N. Joan McGuire
Brian A. Bauer

In Memory of my Mother, Celina Mendible
Rebecca J. Mendible

In Memory of Coralice Michaelan
Brian N. Michaelan

In Memory of Evelyn Moberg
Walter and Vonda Moberg

In Memory of Dr. Robert J. Moore, M.D.
Virgilio and Jane Victoriano, M.D.

In Memory of George Morris
Mary and Patrick Brophy

In Memory of Frederick Murphy
Barbara J. Murphy

In Memory of W. Sears Nickerson
Corliss Primavera

In Memory of Paul Norton
Buck and Lila Griswold

In Memory of Robert Our        
Eileen M. Our

In Memory of Robert E. and Thomas R. Pelletier
Lois Anne Pelletier

In Memory of Christine Peterson
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Patricia Petro
Cass and Karen Cook
Walter and Violet Emery
Ira and Debbie Hufford
Donald and Alice Imbur
Paula and Cornelis Knynenburg
Dave and Judy Petro
Frank and Kathy Poplaski

In Memory of Stephen Petro
Pamela J. Petro

In Memory of John Preston
Harwich Real Estate and Open Space Committee

In Memory of Elizabeth L. Pring
Kenneth F. Pring

In Memory of Veronica and Eamon Quinn
Mary and Patrick Brophy

In Memory of Elwood and Mae Reeves
John and Susan Stinson

In Memory of Stella and Louis Riedl
Georgene Riedl and Ralph MacKenzie

In Memory of my Dad, Nicholas F. Rizzo, Sr.
Robert V. Condon III
Vita Marie Rizzo

In Memory of Nancy Roberts
Julie and Vince Kraft

In Memory of Carol A. Robinson
Russell C. Robinson, Jr.

In Memory of Wayne Robinson
Lee Chase

In Memory of Francis J. Roth, my Dad
Maryellen R. Lorefice

In Memory of Louise Russell
Otis Russell and Monica Lussier

In Memory of Margo Santoni
Jonathan and Julie Santoni

In Memory of Mary and Nanzio Schembri
Carmine Schembri

In Memory of Bill Schumann
Barry Johnson
Walter and Carol Knox

In Memory of H. Donald Scott
William and Karen Goggins, Jr.
Barbara Mackey
The Zookeeper, Andrew McDermott

In Memory of Joyce Scudder
Laurie J. Harrold

In Memory of Kevin Shea
Robert Henry and Beverly Mack

In Memory of Greg Small
On Behalf of Baldwin, Small and Hancock Families

In Memory of Geoffry Groff-Smith
Tom and Nancy Whiteley

In Memory of Isabel Smith
Anne Hayes

In Memory of Preston Smith
Stephen Erwin and Barbara Tomasian

In Memory of Robert F. Smith
Richard and Deborah Clough
Elizabeth Collins
Elizabeth Cook
Nino and Shannon Corbett
Anne C. Hayes
Pattie A. Smith

In Memory of Russell Smith
Richard and Deborah Clough

In Memory of Ruth Smith
Richard and Deborah Clough

In Memory of June and Morton Snowhite
Pamela J. Petro

In Memory of Charles (Chuck) Spenser
Frank and Mary Wojciechowski

In Memory of Marcia B. Stewart
Patti A. Smith
Trudie and John Steel

In Memory of Ted Stewart
Barbara A. Tomasian and Stephen H. Erwin

In Memory of Edith M. Strauss
Grey and Leslie Meier

In Memory of Fred R. Street
Barbara A. Brown

In Memory of Ken Supko
Joyce Supko

In Memory of Ken and Glenna Swanton
Bette B. Swanton

In Memory of Mary and Tom Taylor
Robert and Jane Sumner

In Memory of Robert Thomas
Harwich Real Estate and Open Space Committee

In Memory of Esther and Walter Trainer
Sara Trainer

In Memory of my Mother Lucy A. Tutunjian
Linda Flaherty
Patricia A. Tutunjian

In Memory of John Valatkevicz
Fred and Kathy Budreski

In Memory of Charles O. Verrill
Henry and Eleanor Hood

In Memory of Joe and Anne Welch
Dean and Marjorie Smeltzer

In Memory of George C. Whitehead

In Memory of Peggy and George Whitehead
Richard and Maryjane Whitehead

In Memory of Frank and Cappy Whitman
Katharine W. Fizer

In Memory of Sara Wittenstein
Philip and Elizabeth Wittenstein

In Memory of Timothy Wollard
Georgene Riedl and Ralph MacKenzie

In Memory of Rose Wojciechowski
Frank H. Wojciechowski

In Memory of Bruce Young
John and Cathy Ayer

In Memory of Richard Young
Sandra P. Young


In Honor:


In Honor of the Baldwin Family
Kevin T. Sullivan

In Honor of George Baldwin
Catherine Hill Tapia

In Honor of Marilyn S. Barry
Noel B. Stella

In Honor of Boundary Quest Team
Mario (Al) Boragine
Clayton (Tony) and Mary Jane Ryan

In Honor of Peter Buffington
Joanna Buffington

In Honor of Allan and Martha Campbell
William (Bill) and Christina (Tina) Maloney

In Honor of 17 wonderful years of living on Cape Cod
Anne W. Gallagher

In Honor of Alva (Bowman) Chaletzky
Alan and Bette Johnson

In Honor of Annie Cool
Stephen and Elizabeth May

In Honor of Patricia Desler
David A. Desler

In Honor of Pat Dooley (who made it possible)
Emily H. Baldwin

In Honor of Leonard Goddard
Jacquelyn Goddard

In Honor of the Good Work you all do at HCT!
James and Barbara Fyfe

In Honor of my Grandchildern who love Harwich as I do!
Lynn Schweinshaut

In Honor of HCT and the Natural Wonders it has saved
Jane A. Pedersen

in Honor of HCT’s Staff, Michael, Jane, Alva
Shirley Knowles

In Honor of Nancy Hipp, who volunteers time at HCT
Nancy Wigley

In Honor of Christina Joyce
John and Carol Joyce
Joseph and Lynne Lavieri

In Honor of Mike Lach
Deborah Nelson Aylesworth
Elizabeth (Pem) Schultz

In Honor of Don Landing
Ben Clark
Deb and Tom Saudade

In Honor of Tom Leach, Harbormaster-Retired
Kathleen and Robert K. Leach

In Honor of Colin Leonard (who made it possible)
Emily H. Baldwin

In Honor of Marge Marion
Connie L. Pina

In Honor of Donald H. Martin
Mary G. Martin

In Honor of Matt and Chris
Andrea (Taffy) Aldrovandi

In Honor of my Mother, who loves Harwich
Emma Driskill

In Honor of Nature
Connie Edger-Davis

In Honor of Tom and Doris Philips
Charles and Rosemary Philips

In Honor of Heinz Proft
Deborah Nelson Aylesworth

In Honor of “Rocky”
Robert and Dianne Payne

In Honor of Domenic J F and Rosemarie Russo
Mark and Elizabeth Russo

In Honor of Ruth Saltzman
Beth and Michael Aaronson

In Honor of Mary Saudade
Ben Clark
Deb and Tom Saudade

In Honor of Fred and Dorothy Seufert
William and Katherine Green

In Honor of Isabel Smith
David Crestin and Elizabeth Bierbower
Charles and Barbara Birdsey

In Honor of Patti Smith
Trudie and John Steel

In Honor of Link Thacher
Raymond and Beverly Thacher

In Honor of Thompson Field
John and Ingrid Peak

In Honor of Lucy Tutunjian
Joan C. Lafond

In Honor of the Weinbaum Family
Burton and Joyce Weinbaum

My Newfoundland Dog, Oliver, loves his Conservation areas.  Please continue.
Maryrose Reynolds