2016 Donation Dedications

In Memory:

In Memory of Frederick Adams
Julia (Judy) C. Adams

In Memory of Kathryn Howes Alvord
Clark and Harriet Alvord

In Memory of my wife Evie Armbruster
Ronald Armbruster

In Memory of Richard Anton
Kathleen Sinnamon and Nathaniel Lawton

In Memory of Rose and Bill Armon
George and Sally Cormier

In Memory of Sara and Calvin Ayer
John and Cathy Ayer

In Memory of Lee W. Baldwin
George C. Baldwin, Jr.
Sherill L. Baldwin and Kimball Cartwright
Gail Hancock (my sister)

In Memory of William F. Baldwin
Emily H. Baldwin

In Memory of William T. (Tom) Barker
Jean Barker
Kathleen Gallo

In Memory of Edward T. Barrett II
Emily L. Barrett

In Memory of Betty Bobp
Tom and Sue Banchich

In Memory of Muriel Bogdanoff
Suzanne Bogdanoff

In Memory of the Bowmans of Factory Hill, Braintree
Alva (Bowman) Chaletzky

In Memory of Joyce Bush
Bob and Mary Bush and Family

In Memory of Joyce Friendland Bush
The Alan R. Bush Trust

In Memory of Dr. Herbert Campbell
Jenny Campbell

In Memory of Sheila Carbone
James Carbone

In Memory of my son Michael Carroll
Lorraine E. Carroll

In Memory of Beth Ann Cesare (Volunteer)
Keith A. and Jayne M. Phelps

In Memory of Leo Cohen
Barbara Madson and Bob McNulty

In Memory of Douglas Cole
Virginia M. Lucil

In Memory of Judd J. Corbett
Ursula Corbett

In Memory of Katharine and Charles Corbett
Richard and Anne Simmons

In Memory of Dave Coupal
Margaret Coupal

In Memory of Neil Cronin
Matthew and Maura (Cronin) Connolly

In Memory of our Grandmother Sally Cross
Jonathan (Jon) and Sarah Idman

In Memory of Mary Cushing
Tom and Janet Evans
Michael Lach
Peter and Helena Nossal
Francis and Deborah Salewski

In Memory of Albert Dalmolen
Eve Dalmolen

In Memory of Robert Damiano
Barbara L. Tabak and David Damiano
Grace Damiano
Keith and Judy VanSanders

In Memory of Elisabeth and Lawrence Damon
Renny and Dottie Damon

In Memory of Frances Daniels
F. Malissa Hampton

In Memory of David M. Davis
Joan Flash Davis

In Memory of Dorothea Dee
John and Karen Forster and Marion Barnes
Arthur and Karen Boujoukos
Ned Eastman (CC5)
Bud and Betsy Ferris
Kathleen Land (sister)
Beth Thompson (CC5)

In Memory of Patricia A. Desler
David A. Desler

In Memory of Rose and Edward Donovan
Clare M. Donovan

In Memory of Anna and Peter Dounelis
Maria Dounelis and Robert Bradley

In Memory of Laura “Lori’ Jean Dwyer
Thomas and Janet Evans
Daniel and Betty Gonzales
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Philip S. Eagan
Mary M. Eagan

In Memory of Anna Shirley Erdman
Barbara S. Eaton
Wayne and Barbara L. Eaton

In Memory of Margaret Mary Ferrucci
James C. Ferrucci, M.D.

In Memory of Carolyn Margaret Field
Fr. Fred-Munro Ferguson, SSC

In Memory of Selma Fitzpatrick
Ronald and Maureen Boisvert, Jr.

In Memory of Ruth Follas
John and Carroll Follas

In Memory of Jane and Jim Fryatt
Julie A. Gibson

In Memory of Leonard Goddard
Jacquelyn Goddard

In Memory of Vernon Golay
Pamela G. Latimer

In Memory of Leona Howes Goodspeed
Bill and Karen Goggins

In Memory of William H. Gorham
Deborah Nelson Aylesworth
Veronika Thiebach and Michael Gorham
George I. Rockwood, Jr.
Edward and Joan Winslow

In Memory of Arvid Groswald
Nancy R. Skinner

In Loving Memory of my Mom, Harriett H. Hackford
Penny and Dave Cronin
Joseph and Rosanne Darmanin
Florence Haetinger
Beth McGoldrick and Mary, Celia and Elizabeth Jenkins
Melissa and Dick Kraycir
Jane G. Mattwell
Mary Beth Miller
Stephen and Gloria Muth, Jr.
Elizabeth S. Naughton
Larry and Margaret Noles
Pheasant Run Homeowners Association
Sandy Shannon
Cathleen and Eddie Velardi

In Memory of Russell Haglot
Anne Haglot

In Memory of Frances Hamilton
John and Kathleen Welch

In Memory of Park Hammatt
Georgene Riedl and Ralph MacKenzie

In Memory of Robert R. Hampton
Cynthia A. Hampton

In Memory of Florence Hancock
Sherill Baldwin and Kimball Cartwright

In Memory of Jack Hayes
Richard and Ruth Connaughton
Marie P. Hayes

In Memory of Robert C. Healy
Jane P. Healy

In Memory of Therese Hebert and Dr. Suzanne Hebert
Dr. Norman C. Hebert

In Memory of Elizabeth E. Holbrook
John W. Holbrook

In Memory of John Joseph Horton
Susan R. Horton

In Memory of our Grandmother Florence Idman
Jonathon (Jon) and Sarah Idman

In Memory of Edwin Jepsen
Lucy J. Buckley

In Memory of David Katz
Warren and Karen Hall

In Memory of Don Kelly Family\
Carol Kelly and Children

In Memory of Kate Kinum
Scott Kinum

In Memory of Stan Kokoszka
Patricia A. Kokoszka

In Memory of Michael LaDouceur
Edward and C0nstance LaDouceur

In Memory of Robert (Bob) Larson
Peter, Christine and Philip (Nyberg) Simonson

In Memory of Barbara F. Lee
George I. Rockwood, Jr.

In Memory of Kevin J. Leete
Anne C. Leete

In Memory of Nate Lieberson
Anna Lieberson

In Memory of Joseph Lolli
Chiara Lolli

In Memory of Van and Cal Lovell
Robert Bradley and Marie Dounelis

In Memory of Timothy McCauliff
David and Jane Murray

In Memory of Scot Byron McClain
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of James McCroskery
Donald P. Kuhnert
Walter Leginski

In Memory of Greg and Pat McGarry
June McGarry

In Memory of Barbara Newton Menzies
Marla Menzies

In Memory of Helen T. Merigan
Roberta McDonnell

In Memory of our best friend Milo
Mike and Marti Sekerak

In Memory of Robert Mitchell
K. Louise Mitchell

In Memory of John and Joan Mooney
John F. Mooney

In Memory of Jeremiah O’Connor
Pamela P. Danfort

In Memory of Robert Out
Mrs. Eileen Our

In Memory of John L. Parker
Muriel E. Parker

In Memory of Thomas Bradford Pedicini
Lisa Pedicini

In Memory of Robert Edward Pelletier
Lois Anne Pelletier

In Memory of Christine E. Peterson
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Stephen Petro
Pamela Petro and Marguerite Harrison

In Memory of Peggy Robbins Phillips
Barry and Sylvia Mae Fulcher

In Memory of Mary Porciello
John and Connie Young

In Memory of Beatrix Potter’s 150th Birthday
Betsy Bray

In Loving Memory of Elizabeth L. Pring
Kenneth F. Pring

In Memory of Donald Procter
Richard J. Neilson

In Memory of Veronica and Eamon Quinn
Patrick and Mary Brophy

In Memory of Richard Raymond
Bob and Jean Raymond

In Memory of Stella and Louis Riedl
Georgene Riedl and Ralph MacKenzie

In Memory of my Mother, Thelma Rizzo
Vita Marie Rizzo

In Memory of Carol A. Robinson
Russell C. Robinson, Jr.

In Memory of Wayne Robinson
Eleanor (Lee) R. Chase

In Memory of David and Sally Russell
Fred and Kathy Budreski

In Memory of Louise Russell
Natalie R. Cocroft
Otis Russell and Monica Lussier

In Memory of Winnie Ryder
Robert and Eileen Thomas

In Memory of Sahara
John and Ingrid Peak

In Memory of Steve Santos
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wojciechowski

In Memory of Mary and Nanzio Schembri
Carmine Schembri

In Memory of William R. Schumann
Alva and Ellen Baker
Ann Beckert
Thomas and Margaret Blackburn
Donald and Sally Bradford
Jeffrey Catlin (“Uncle Bill”)
Robert and Judith Catlin
Tom and Janet Evans
Bruce and Joy Faulkner
(Diane DiGennaro) Garden Club of Harwich
Nancy F. Hipp
Nelle Huettig
Christina A. Joyce
Paul and Judith Kelley
Tommy and Camille Kellogg
Suzanne M. Keneally (“Uncle Bill”) and Family
Shirley Knowles
John Knox
Walter and Carol Knox
Michael Lach
Ronald Wendt and Jane Lowenstein
Harry and Diane McCafferty
Gary and Dottie Miller
Taylor (Tab) and Susan Mills
Luke O’Connell
William and Margaret Otis
Muriel Parker
Donna and Henry Peterson
Nancy (Nan) Poor
Henry C. Porter
Albert and Barbara Powers
Charles and Suzanne Rebick
Stephen and JoAnn Root
Margaret (Peggy) Rose
Ed and Earline Rubel
Nancy J. Schumann (Sister)
Richard & Susan Schumann (Brother)
Patti A. Smith
Kathleen M. Teahan
Richard & Margaret Walsh, III

In Memory of Kevin Sherin
Brian and Jane Sherin

In Memory of Anne M. Smith
Kathleen and Alan Smith

In Memory of Isabel and Dayton Smith
Carol J. Kelly

In Memory of Isabel Smith
Beth Bierbower and David Crestin
Anne Hayes

In Memory of Martha D. Smith
Sheila and Preston Smith

In Memory of Robert F. Smith
Lew and Pauline Ashton
Jean E. Barker
Richard and Deborah Clough
Peter Copelas
Paul and Helen Doane
Thomas and Janet Evans
G. Howard and Elizabeth Hayes
Jack and Elizabeth Kaufmann
Susan Peterson
Julie Pina
Patti A. Smith
Bette (Betts) Swanton
Cynthia S. Wade
Peter and Patty Watson

In Memory of Morton and June Snowhite
Pamela Petro and Marguerite Harrison

In Memory of Laurel S. Sorenson
Richard Cooper

In Memory of Ken Supko
Joyce Supko

In Memory of Mildred B. Suttell
Elizabeth Suttell

In Memory of Emma Baxter Symmes
Christopher and Nancy Sweeney

In Memory of Betty Szeberenyi
Roberta (Bobbie) McDonnell

In Memory of Eleanor Terrio
Thomas Terrio, Jr.

In Memory of Freeman Thacher
Link and Bev Thacher

In Memory of Macky Thomas
Charles and Cheryl Barnes

In Memory of Esther and Walter Trainer
Sara Trainer

In Memory of Robert W. Udell
Joyce H. Udell

In Memory of Charles O. Verrill
Henry and Eleanor Hood

In Memory of Marie Walsh
Anne R. Baggs

In Memory of Peter Watson
Richard and Ruth Connaughton

In Memory of Milton Welt
Charles and Donna Spillane

In Memory of Peggy and George Whitehead
Richard (Rick) and MaryJane Whitehead

In Memory of Betty Winston
Suzanne Routhier

In Memory of Rose Wojciechowski
Frank H. Wojciechowski

In Memory of Joseph Zabrosky
Keith and Jayne Phelps

In Memory of Harry S. Zaluzny
Ruth Zaluzny


In Honor:

In Honor of All land Trusts
Frank H. Wojciechowski

In Honor of families of Matt and Chris Aldrovandi
Andrea Aldrovandi

In Honor of Kathryn Howes Alvord
Clark and Harriet Alvord

In Honor of our 50th Wedding Anniversary
Alan and Bette Johnson

In Honor of the 50th Anniversary for Gloria and Jeff Wager
Diane and Steve Boettcher

In Honor of Bob and Miriam Callaghan
Laurie Callaghan

In Honor of Dave Callaghan
Al Boragine

In Honor of Allen and Martha Campbell
Carl and Sharon Johnson

In Honor of Max, Mia and Cassadie
Carol A. Chichetto

In Honor of Richard Cooper
Anne C. Hayes

In Honor of Ursula Corbett
Shannon and Nino Corbett

In Honor of Dr. Matthew Cushing, Jr.
Hugh Cushing

In Honor of Charles and Linda Czech
Amy Harbeck, Kinlin Grover, R.E.

In Honor of Ruth Farham
Ronald and Mary Ann Rosivack

In Honor of The Gorham Family
John and Linda Harvey
Carolyn Gorham Murray

In Honor of Janet Foley
Susan Kaftan

In Honor of Dear Friends
Florence B. Lofberg

In Honor of my Grandchildren who I hope will enjoy the Cape for
years to come.
Lynn Schweinshaut

In Honor of HCT Staff – Thanks
Jane A. Pedersen

In Honor of the HCT and all the good you do. XO
Jane A. Pedersen

In Honor of the Harwich Conservation Trust Volunteers
Clayton (Tony) and Mary Jane Ryan Jr.

In Honor of Chris Joyce
Joseph and Lynne Lavieri

In Honor of Chris Joyce, Close Friend and Supporter of the Trust
Robert and Rosann Donahue

In Honor of Michael W. Lach
Barbara Eastman

In Honor of Tom Leach, Harbormaster – Retired
Robert K. Leach

In Honor of Marge Marion
Connie Pina

In Honor of James and Stephania McClennen
Herb Heidt and Eliza McClennen
John and Alison Ferrong

In Honor of Mother Nature
Judith Baker

In Honor of Aunt Donna and Peter (Peterson)
Garin and Crystal Casaleggio

In Honor of Nancy Roberts
Julie and Vincent Kraft

In Honor of Linda and Kathleen
Ron and Mary Ann Rosivack

In Honor of Tony Ryan
Al Boragine

In Honor of Gerie Schumann
Diane DiGennaro/Garden Club of Harwich

In Honor of William R. Schumann
Bill and Peggy Kenney

In Honor of Bob Smith
David and Evelyn Tobey

In Honor of Isabel Smith
David Crestin and Beth Bierbower

In Honor of Ashley Stevens and Joe Thacher’s Wedding
Caroline Huber

In Honor of Julius Szafran
Steve Szafran

In Honor of All Volunteers
Marcia Andrews

In Support of the Muddy Creek Project
Robert and Natalie Fuller