2010 Donation Dedications

In Memory of Frederick N Adams
Julia C Adams

In Memory of James Alcock
Elizabeth Naughton

In Memory of Kathryn Howes Alvord
Clark Alvord II

In Memory of Ralph “Bud” Angier on what would have been his 100th year
Susan T. Shoch

In Memory of Evie Armbruster
Ronald Armbruster

In Memory of Richard G. Baldauf
Joanne M. Baldauf

In Memory & honor of Lee Baldwin
Florence & Gail Hancock
Connie Pina

In Memory of Edith Bennett
Donald C. Bennett

In Memory of Eric Bennett
Donald Bennett & Linda Chicklas

In Memory of Irene Bielakowski
Irving David Weiner

In Memory of Henry Bracchi
Jean Bracchi

In Memory of Eddy Brown
Mr. Edward Brown

In Memory of Edmee & Charles Bradley
Maria & Robert Bradley

In Memory of Louis A Chaduk
Harriet F Chaduk

In Memory of Judd J. Corbett
Ursula K. Corbett

In Memory of Martha & Frederick Davis
Bonnie & Ross Hall

In Memory of Doris & J. Howard Doane
Paul V. & Helen R. Doane
Sarah Doane

In Memory of Rev Harlow T Doliber
Pauline M Doliber

In Memory of Dorothy
Shirley Kemp

In Memory of Trudy Duquette
Marcia Andrews
Cindy Briggs & Anne Briggs
Bradford & Betsy Babb
Adeline Harrington
Betts Swanton & Diane Kopec
Debra Leach
Ralph Mackenzie & Georgene Riedl
Helen R. Murdock

In Memory of Philip S Eagan
Mary M Eagan

In Memory of John Erickson
Ms. Doris W. Sperber

In Memory of Eric Farham
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Rosivack

In Memory of Greg Fishbein
Sara Shields & Bruce Fishbein

In Memory of Alexander Flash
Joan Flash Davis

In Memory Of Eric Garham
Patricia Eastman

In Memory of Irene Gay
Erika Boerger & Richard Caraher
Jean E. Brown & Family
William & Jeanne Brown
Mary H. Brown
Colchester Middle School Special Education
Robert W. Collins
Mary E. Cunningham
Jen Gamache
Jen Geroux
Bette & Francis Gouveia
Katie Keidel
David and Stacey Lee
Jeffrey & Laura Marin
Marianne Nealy
Pleasant Bay Homeowner’s Association
Janice & Robert Spongberg
Julie Tanguay
Elizabeth & Lincoln Thurber
Alburt Rosenberg & Greta Tyson

In Memory of Guines
Susan Whitney

In Memory of Russel Haglof
Anne Haglof

In Memory of Robert C. Healy
Jane P. Healy

In Memory of John Joseph Horton
Susan Horton

In Memory of Marcia Iddles
Andrea Aldrovandi

In Memory of Dorothy & Clarence Joffray
Deb & Ted Sandquist

In Memory of Fire Chief Robert Peterson
Paul J. Cuddy, Jr.

In Memory of Mark Keilty
The Hot Stove Saloon

In Memory of Ruth C. Keith
Louisa J. MacPherson

In Memory of Recci & Elaine Kennedy
Robert Kennedy

In Memory of Michael Ladouceur
Constance & Edward Ladouceur

In Memory of Mary E. Langway
Chester C. Langway Jr.

In Memory of Harold McKenna
Anne McKenna

In Memory of Dana Morse
Paul & Sheila Sones

In Memory of Catherine A O’Brien
Patrick J O’Brien

In Memory of Oliver Pelton
Carol Pelton

In Memory of Marion M. Phair
Donald Phair

In Memory of Elizabeth L. Pring
Kenneth F. Pring

In Memory of Sherman Alexander Robinson
Rosyln R. Mann

In Memory of Peg Slicer
J. Samuel Slicer

In Memory of Eleanor T. Smith
Nancy Cooney

In Memory of Isabel Smith
Beth Bierbower
David S. Crestin
Patricia O. & Robert W. Keeler, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pickett
Paul J. Cuddy, Jr.
Anne Hayes

In Memory of Isabel & Dayton Smith
William A West

In Memory of Martha Smith
Sheila & Preston Smith

In Memory of Dr. Russell Smith
Doris B. Schaub

In Memory of June Dreher Snowhite
Pamela J. Petro

In Memory of Waldo A. Stevens
Elizabeth Stevens

In Memory of Ken & Glenna Swanton
Betts Swanton

In Memory of Dolly Terrio
Thomas Terrio, Jr.

In Memory of Georges S. Thenault
Abby & Jeremiah Burns
Dr. Wilfrid Cloutier
The Garbade Family
Kevin & Rita Gill
Peg & Bill Grieder
Dorothy G. Halmstad
Edith T. Harman
Robert Hirschkron
Robert & Daris Keeler
Raymond & Janet Lang
David & Veronica Metzler
Dottie & Gary Miller
Susan Strangis & Bruce O’Reilly
Ted Oxholm
Barbara A. Phillips
Mary Lally Reed
Margaret S. Sears
The Shulman Family
Barbara C. Smith
Nancy & Walter Wong

In Memory of Carnig Thomason
Philip & Susan Thomason

In Memory of Eve Toolin
Michael & May Ann Brockelman

In Memory of Walter & Esther Trainer
Sara Trainer

In Memory of Richard & Rita Trifiro
Jim & Lana Argir

In Memory of Robert W. Udell
Joyce Udell

In Memory of the US Armed Forces
Robert Naughton

In Memory of all Veterans: RIP, Fighting & Retired
Peter & Bridget O’Rourke

In Memory of Inez Ward
Alan A. Ward

In Memory of Bertha Weld
David A. Haller, Jr.

In Memory of Thad Wicks
Martha Wicks


In Honor:

In Honor of Ruth Farham
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Rosivack

In Honor of Our Ginger Plum Lane friends and neighbors
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Connaughton

In Honor of Mary Jane & Donald Curran Wedding Remembrance
Cornelia Doherty

In Honor of Michael Lach
Herbert & Cynthia Lach

In Honor of Tom Leach, Harbormaster
Robert K. Leach

In Honor of Donna & Pete Peterson
Crystal Hawthorne

In Honor of Nan Poor’s time, energy & dedication
Sara Berman

In Honor of Rattail
Denise H. Anthony

In Honor of Robert F. Smith’s Birthday
Ruth G. Smith, his mother

In Honor of all who help such a worthy cause
Marcia Andrews