2009 Donation Dedications

In Memory of Mom & Dad Allen
Roberta McDonnell

In Memory of Kathryn Howes Alvord
Clark Alvord, II

In Memory of My Wife, Evie Armbruster
Ron Armbruster

In Memory of Lee Baldwin
George C. Baldwin, Jr.
Sherill & Kimball
Beth Schwarzman
Florence Hancock & Gail Hancock
Barbara Eastman

In Memory of Ed & Loretta Bown
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Alexander

In Memory of Charles & Edmee Bradley
Robert & Maria Bradley

In Memory of Rella S. Bryer
The Rella S. Bryer Family Trust

In Memory of Olive C. Butman
Bradford Butman

In Memory of Mary Carbone
James Carbone

In Memory of Judd J. Corbett
Ursula K. Corbett

In Memory & Honor of Edward Aaron Davis
David & Joan Davis

In Memory of Mary Devine
Peter & Bridget O’Rourke

In Memory of Philip S. Eagan
Mary Eagan

In Memory of Eleanor & Osborne Earle
Eliza & Timothy Earle

In Memory of Frank Eressy
Richard Eressy

In Memory & Honor of Linda Fall
Dave Crestin

In Memory of Joanne Goodman
Janice & Jack Lohr

In Memory of Russ Haglof
Friends of Sovereign Bank

In Memory of my Dad, Ralph A. Hayward
Sue & Tom Banchich
In Memory of Dick Baldauf
Ms. Joanne M. Baldauf

In Memory of Joseph & Gertrude Holland
Sheila H. Banas

In Memory of Marcia K. Iddles
Mrs. Andrea Aldrovandi

In Memory of Sara Joy
Lynn Vardakis

In Memory of Dorothy Kemp
Ms. Shirley Kemp

In Memory of Claire Kenny
Virginia Smyth

In Memory of Walter Kulesza
Pauline Kulesza

In Memory of Michael LaDouceur
Constance & Edward LaDouceur

In Memory of Kevin Leete
Ms. Anne Leete

In Memory of Lee Lindholm
Ruth G. Alberding

In Memory of Lawrence Martin
Ms. Lorraine Martin

In Memory of Scot Bryon McClain
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Peterson

In Memory of Marie Morgan
Betty Ann Hosmer

In Memory of Joan & Elliott Nickerson
Paula & Ron Plock

In Memory of Joan O’Callaghan
Catharine A. Carty

In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. Norris Orchard
David A. Haller

In Memory of Robert B. Our
Eileen M. Our

In Memory of Elizabeth L. Pring
Kenneth F. Pring

In Memory of Mrs. Jane Pring
The Murphy Family of West Harwich

In Memory of Margaret Reinhardt
Judith Schuhknecht

In Memory of Elsa & Ken Riley
Joanne DeGroot

In Memory of Jeanne Ritzman
Charles A. Forbes

In Memory of my Grandparents, Joseph & Vita Rizzo
Vita Marie Rizzo

In Memory of Ad & Esther Roberts
Peter Roberts

In Memory of Jack Robinson
Barbara Robinson

In Memory of Mr. Roman
Walda Szopa

In Memory of Mary & Nanzio Schembri
Mr. Carmine Schembri

In Memory of Emerson J. Sheehy
Ruth C. Sheehy & John G. Clark

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Dayton Smith
William A. West

In Honor & Memory of Isabel Smith
David S. Crestin & Elizabeth A. Bierbower

In Memory of Isabel Smith
Paul J. Cuddy, Jr.

In Memory of Mabelle Smith
Anne C. Hayes

In Memory of Dr. Russell Smith, VMD
Bob & Noel Rebello
Ms. Ruth Smith
Barbara Tomasian & Stephen Erwin

In Memory of June Snowhite
Pamela Petro & Marguerite Hamson

In Memory of Cody Stern
Andrew Stern & Emily Miller

In Memory of Gail Sumner
Emily H. & William F. Baldwin

In Memory of Carnig Thomason
Mr. Philip Thomason

In Memory of Philip V.R. Thomson
Ms. Catherine D. Thomson

In Memory of Mark Tustin, my son
Ms. Mary L. Tustin

In Memory of Charles O. Verrill
Henry and Eleanor Hood

In Memory of Elizabeth Vescatel
Mary Donlon Morrison

In Memory of George C. Whitehead
Rick Whitehead

In Memory of Dr. R.D. Brooke Williams
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Keeler

In Memory of Those Who were Committed to Conservation
Nancy Wigley

In Honor of Mr. George Baldwin, Jr.
John E. & Karen K. Gilligan

In Honor of Marjorie Campanella
Mr. James Garvey

In Honor of Eileen Diamond
Ralph A. Diamond

In Honor of Rich Eldred who led such terrific botanical walks over the past year
Loring Bradlee

In Honor of God’s gift to us
Laurie Moore

In Honor of Tommy Johnson
Margie McGagh

In Honor of Recee & Elaine Kennedy
Robert Kennedy

In Honor of Mike Lach
Mark & April Robinson

In Honor of Thomas E. Leach, Harbormaster
Robert Leach

In Honor of Florence McCarthy
Barbara Garvey

In Honor of Earline Rubel’s Birthday
Emily L. Barrett
Peggy Devaney
Nancy B. Poor
Cornelia B. Roche
Gerie Schumann
Margaret P. Sevier

In Honor of my husband’s birthday (Ken Smith)
Roseanne Smith

In Honor of Frances Webb
Frances Webb

In Honor of Joe & Anne Welch
Molly Welch Brewer