2.87-acre Bell’s Neck Road-Herring River Project

Please vote YES on Article 24 at the Monday, May 1st Town Meeting starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Harwich Community Center gym (#100 Oak Street).

The 2.87-acre Bell’s Neck Road-Herring River Project offers an opportunity to preserve land that can protect river health, protect wildlife habitat, save the scenic view for travelers along Bell’s Neck Road, and the protect the setting of an 1800s era cemetery on adjacent town-owned land.

It’s important to act on land acquisition opportunities in the Herring River watershed that help protect water quality by extinguishing septic system nutrients from entering the estuary, which would otherwise happen if the land is developed. The Town of Harwich Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan identifies the Herring River as having impaired water quality. Preserving the 2.87-acre property in partnership between the Town and HCT will help protect the health of the Herring River and save taxpayers long-term with reduced need for sewer infrastructure.

The land contains sensitive state-designated BioMap 2 Core Habitat, which the Commonwealth of Massachusetts defines as specific areas necessary to promote the long-term persistence of Species of Conservation Concern, exemplary natural communities, and intact ecosystems.

This highly visible 2.87-acre property includes approx. 782 feet of roadside greenery along the town-owned public way of Bell’s Neck Road. Preserving the land will also provide a helpful protective buffer to an 1800s-era cemetery on neighboring Town-owned conservation land adjacent and to the south as well as fronting on Bell’s Neck Road. 

Help us save this land to create local, lasting benefits for the community.

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To learn how Bell’s Neck got its name, click here to read a story in The Cape Cod Chronicle.