Preserve ~ Restore ~ Explore

Let's be bold, let's save land!

The intense pace of development is putting more lands at risk. Right now, we ask for your help with two important land-saving projects.

We welcome your support for the $3 million Six Ponds Great Woods Project to preserve the largest undeveloped tract remaining on the Lower Cape. If not preserved, the land will be converted into an 18-lot subdivision.

To learn more about the Six Ponds Great Woods Project (pictured at top right), please click here.

With your help, we're also raising funds toward the $350,000 Robbins Pond Project for the preservation of 3.3 acres with 660 feet of shoreline on Robbins Pond. This kettle pond is connected by a stream to the Herring River.

To learn more about the Robbins Pond Project (pictured at right), please click here.

Thank you for making a lasting, local difference with HCT.


You Make a Lasting, Local Difference with HCT

Harwich with its sandy beaches, salty air, and welcoming beauty is a fragile place. We walk, bike, swim, and enjoy the outdoors in a setting that offers diverse natural habitats, a variety of wildlife, and scenic lands to discover.

But our quality of life is at risk from too much development. Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT) is dedicated to saving land as a smart, practical, and necessary endeavor for everyone that cherishes this special corner of the Cape.

By preserving land and restoring habitats with sound stewardship, together we create opportunities to explore the natural world around us.

We invite you to join HCT and make a lasting local difference for land, water, wildlife, friends, and family.

Forest view near lake