Wish List

“Wish List” for Strategic DonationsWeb_Herring River in Fog-jdimattia_jpg

Thank you for reviewing our “Wish List” to consider making a targeted donation that will make one or more of the following projects possible. Taken together, these specific land protection, land stewardship, fundraising, and outreach projects advance HCT’s mission of preserving land to protect woods, water, wildlife and our shared quality of life.

Your leadership support makes HCT a leading land trust on Cape Cod. Together, we are saving special places to protect roadside greenbelts, coastal waters, ponds, drinking water, walking trails, scenic views, rare and common wildlife.

If something strikes your fancy, please let us know by emailing HCT Executive Director Mike Lach at hct@cape.com or calling 508-432-3997.

Thank you for your strategic support so that we can save more special places.

* Projects with an asterisk offer special opportunities including complimentary seats!

Land Stewardship

$3,000: Summer college intern program

Fund our summer intern program and enable up to four college students a chance to gain hands-on experience with land management and non-profit operations. The funding helps pay for program support while the interns gain real life experience and help HCT expand its capacity to save and steward more special places.

$3,600: Six more classy HCT signs that designate protected lands throughout town

Every time you drive down major roads in Harwich, you see our oval signs signaling saved land. These signs elevate our profile in the community and therefore increase support for future land-saving success.

Community Outreach

$750: New Workstation

We make the most of donated computers that provide three workstations for our dedicated volunteers, but as time goes by we need to replace and upgrade computers. Lend a hand by donating $750 for a new PC that helps us succeed with our Winter Presentation series, website updates, and other outreach programs.

$2,750: Summer Newsletter
$2,750: Fall Newsletter

Increasingly, HCT’s color newsletters have become conversation pieces with their striking photos, artwork, and inspiring stories. Help us keep this key outreach tool on everyone’s desk, dashboard and coffee table.

$6,500: 15,000, color, 32-page Trail Guides

Our Trail Guide is incredibly popular. We’ve published 45,000 copies. The Trail Guide provides an inviting introduction and user-friendly maps to nine conservation destinations. Sponsor this project with a leadership gift of $6,500 to print 15,000 Trail Guides (printed on recycled paper, too!).

$8,500: Town-wide Membership Appeal

Growing membership support is vital for keeping HCT’s land protection, stewardship, and outreach projects going strong. Every few years, we mail a promotional brochure to all property owners in town. We always attract new members, many of which continue to support HCT year after year. There is no time like the present to launch a town-wide membership drive.

Philanthropy & Fundraising Projects

$750: Online donations & E-Newsletters

Since offering online giving and event registration pages through its website two years ago, HCT has processed $82,000 worth in transactions. Clearly, online payment is attractive to supporters. And sending out email “action alerts” for open space votes at town meeting, event updates, and E-Newsletters connect the community to our land conservation cause. Help us maintain our digital connection.

$2,000: Year-end Appeal

Each autumn, HCT’s year-end appeal generates about $20,000 to sustain land protection and stewardship operations. The graphic design, mailing materials and postage cost about $2,000. Therefore, your targeted donation will help net $18,000 or more to launch HCT in the following year.

$2,500: “Bequest Society” brochure for charitable gift planning

Philanthropy experts say that “charitable gift planning” sometimes called estate planning can add significant strength to a nonprofit over time, but is often overlooked. We hope to customize a “Bequest Society” brochure detailing the charitable gift planning opportunities (examples: wills, reserved life estates, other options) for consideration by our supporters. One such bequest in 2001 helped create the staff positions of today that have since leveraged protection of more than 200 acres! These gifts are invaluable.

$4,200: Major Gift Program

As the saying goes, “it takes money to make money.” This is true in the nonprofit world, too. We need your investment of $4,200 to purchase specialized software that will enable us to evaluate giving potential and provide opportunities for major donors to accelerate HCT projects.

Strategic Land Protection Projects

$2,500: Priority Ponds Project–protecting lands in pond watersheds

Pond parcels are a high protection priority. Landowner outreach is vital for cultivating new projects. This Priority Ponds mailing includes a customized cover letter describing HCT’s Priority Ponds Project, land protection strategies, and tax-saving opportunities for owners of land in pond watersheds.

$2,500: Cultivate land donations

Help HCT cultivate new land donations. HCT researches lands assessed as “unbuildable” owing to lack of road frontage, legal access, wetlands or other building constraints. These lands are assessed by the town as having low dollar value, but can often have strategic conservation value. This mailing to specific landowners includes a customized cover letter describing potential tax benefits and, of course, the satisfaction of saving special places.

$2,500: Cultivate conservation restrictions

The conservation restriction is a powerful land protection tool that has enabled families to maintain ownership and use of their lands while enabling HCT to protect 34 acres with more than 2,000 feet of shoreline on 3 different ponds. To generate potential conservation restriction projects HCT designs a customized cover letter and brochure describing the potential federal income tax deductions and town property tax reduction associated with donating a conservation restriction to HCT.

$5,800: State Grant for $400,000

HCT has the technical expertise to write complex grants, including $400,000 state grants for land acquisition projects involving town partnership. Fund this grant-writing ability and we can be ready for the next eligible land project.

Special Events

(*) asterisk denotes complimentary seats, the value of which is deducted from the donor’s gift

*$6,500: Mission Wolf (Live Wolf Program)

This unique live wolf program is an exciting opportunity for all ages to see these magnificent animals up close. Sometimes there is even a “group howl.” Imagine 400 people howling with the wolves!

Mission Wolf truly inspires people and helps them understand the importance of saving wildlife habitat. This event also helps HCT raise about $9,000 (net) to fund land protection projects.

Act now, and you will also receive two complimentary tickets to our special limited seating show (limited to 100 people) where you will have close encounters of the wolf kind!


*$3,500: Spring Winetasting Dinner at the Cape Sea Grille
*$3,500: Fall Winetasting Dinner at The Port

These annual events in Harwich Port attract up to 80 guests each and raise about $3,500 each (net) for HCT’s land protection work. Fund one of these popular dining experiences and receive two complimentary tickets for an evening of award-winning cuisine complemented by fine wines.

*$1,800: Live Birds of Prey

The Live Birds of Prey program raises about $8,000 (net) for HCT’s land protection work.

Hosted by Tom Ricardi who led the American bald eagle recovery in the Northeast, this show features peregrine falcon, red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture, American kestrel, and even golden eagle. Enjoy four complimentary front row seats.


*$1,800: Live “Eyes on Owls”

Have you ever wanted to see an owl up close? Here’s your chance to see great-horned owl, the football-sized screech owl, bone-white snowy owl, soda can-sized saw-whet owl, South American spectacled owl and the world’s largest owl, the Eurasian eagle owl.

All ages enjoy this intriguing live owl program which raises about $8,000 (net) for HCT. Enjoy four complimentary front row seats.


.$1,000: Kayak Raffle

This popular raffle raised about $3,500 (net) in 2010. Folks can buy $5 raffle tickets for a chance to win two Perception Prodigy 10 kayaks with paddles. HCT has raffle related costs like buying the discounted kayaks as well as generating publicity. We plan to raise $5,000 (net) in future years to support our land-saving endeavors.