Sand Pond Woodlands

Acres: 50
Total Trail Length: 0.5 mile

Conservation History and Importance:

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In November 1994, Harwich Town Meeting voters approved the purchase of 23 acres of quiet woodlands nestled between the Herring River and Sand Pond. If the voters hadn’t proactively preserved this landscape, then a 17-lot subdivision could have occupied the site. The land connects to additional conservation land owned by the town as well as land protected by HCT that includes a vernal pool.

During the winter and spring, shallow depressions fill with water to become vernal pools. In March and April, wood frogs and spotted salamanders migrate from their woodland burrows to lay eggs in vernal pools. Soon after, the adults return to their nearby woodland homes until mating season begins anew the following spring. HCT volunteers have discovered and certified more than three dozen vernal pools.

Trailhead Parking:

From the intersection of Rt. 124 and Great Western Road in Harwich Center, drive approx. 1 mile west toward Dennis. Watch for the semi-circle parking area with split rail fence on your right.