Stories of the Land

Our best guess is that it is the East Harwich School class about 1872. There is no identification, but we suspect that Andrew Kendrick (b 1859) is standing in the second row at the far left and his sister Eliza (b 1861) is standing in front of him with his hands on her shoulders. In looking at the 1880 map of the neighborhood there would likely a generous sprinkling of Nickersons and Doanes as well as Kendricks (photo courtesy of Susan Bartick). Learn more by clicking “Unearthing the Story Beneath Our Feet.”

The stories are rooted in the lands all around us. Many stories are lost forever when natural lands are converted to other uses while some stories are preserved by virtue of permanently protecting the landscapes within which human history resides. Enjoy these stories of the land made possible by your land-saving support of Harwich Conservation Trust.

This Generation’s Caretaker

Unearthing the Story Beneath Our Feet