2016: HCT Events


HCT’s January & February Winter Talks are held at the Harwich Community Center (#100 Oak St., Harwich, MA 02645) in the multi-purpose room. The “Eyes on Owls” Live Owl event on March 5th with up to seven different species and the “Meet Your Local Farmers” event on April 2nd with more than 40 exhibitors are both held in the Community Center’s […] Read more »

Muddy Creek Renaissance


By Susanna Graham-Pye, The Cape Codder HARWICH – The soundtrack of this day is a late summer song played by crickets hidden beneath dappled shadows in yellowing grasses. Nuthatches skitter over the chunky bark of scrub pines, singing along, while crows and jays cry out warnings. To those who listen, they say, a line of […] Read more »

Barbara & Peter Sidel Donate Salt Marsh


Barbara and Peter Sidel recently donated two 1.3-acre salt marsh parcels to the nonprofit Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT) in the Red River estuary that flows into Nantucket Sound. The scenic sweep of salt marsh habitat is tucked just behind Red River Beach and Uncle Venie’s Road. Although salt marsh and freshwater wetlands are protected from […] Read more »

Adventures in Geocaching


By Susanna Graham-Pye, courtesy of The Cape Codder HARWICH – No mistaking it – this is an adventure. Melissa Hennessey, her five-year-old daughter Sophia, and Jenna Zoino slip off the beaten path, duck beneath a barely visible opening in the tangle of Virginia creeper and briars, and slip into the woods. Not only does an […] Read more »

HCT’s 27th Annual Meeting


The Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT) held its 27th Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony on August 10th, hosted by the Wequassett Resort overlooking Pleasant Bay. More than 200 HCT members attended and heard the surprise news that HCT’s recent past President Robert F. Smith received the HCT’s 2015 Conservationist of the Year Award posthumously. The East […] Read more »

HCT Welcomes New President: Tom Evans


by Alan Pollock, The Cape Cod Chronicle Tom Evans doesn’t need to be reminded about the value of land conservation. When he and his wife purchased an antique house in North Harwich in 1973, it was on a quiet road to nowhere. Today, the road is busier than ever, heavily traveled by lots of vehicles […] Read more »

Vote YES on Article 33 at May 4th Town Mtg.


Imagine if we could save the last four acres with 750 feet of shoreline on the West Reservoir to protect the Herring River and wildlife as well as complete a walking trail loop. Arthur H. Hall, Sr. (son of John E. Hall and Eleanor R. Hall), his wife Carolyn C. Hall, and their sons, Arthur […] Read more »

Live Owl Event!


On March 7th, the Harwich Conservation Trust hosted “Eyes on Owls” led by naturalist educators Marcia and Mark Wilson who tour the Northeast, offering audiences up-close looks at these secretive raptors. Mark, a professional photographer with The Boston Globe, led an introductory slide show. The duo then walked around with the owls tethered to their gloved […] Read more »

Cape Cod Times: Support Local Land Trusts

HCT-Box Turtle laying eggs-by_Janet_Dimattia_opt

CAPE COD TIMES Sunday Editorial:  Dec. 21, 2014 Saving the future:  Conservation trusts remain a worthy investment                                      Many of the more seasoned residents of Cape Cod may remember a time when it did not seem that every parcel of land was either up for sale or had a structure on it. The rapid […] Read more »

49-acre Pleasant Bay Woodlands Project


The Pleasant Bay Woodlands Project: A Legacy Landscape Click here & listen to the 27-min. National Public Radio (NPR) interview on WCAI (94.3 fm). The nonprofit Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT) currently has an extraordinary one-time opportunity to purchase 49 acres in East Harwich on Cape Cod if it can raise $3.6 million by August 31, […] Read more »