Astronomy Stargazing Night: May 22, 2019

photo by Gus Romano

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About this event:

Sponsored by Harwich Conservation Trust, amateur astronomer and Harwich resident, Michael Payne, will lead a free, interpretive stargazing night on May 22nd from 9:00-10:00 p.m. Michael will share observation tips as well as point out planets and constellations of note. Wednesday night we will learn how to orient ourselves to the north using the stars and a constellation map.  We will observe the spring constellations overhead—Leo the Lion, Boötes, Virgo, Corona Borealis, and the Great Bear, which dominates the northern sky. In the east the summer constellations will have begun to rise—Hercules, Lyra, and Ophiuchus.  Some of the brighter stars we will identify are Regulus, Spica, Arcturus, and Vega. Towards the end of the tour we may be able to see the planet Jupiter rise in the south east. During the night sky tour we will also learn some of the history of the constellations as well as the meaning of some of the stars’ names.